Definition of unsling in US English:



[with object]
  • Remove (something) from the place where it has been slung or suspended.

    ‘Grant unslung the shotgun from around his neck’
    • ‘Without saying anything I walked over and unslung my rifle, dropping it with a clatter on the desk in front of her.’
    • ‘Gregory unslung his guitar case, opened it up, and carefully lifted out his instrument.’
    • ‘Parker unslung his guitar and, accepting a bottle of spring water from the waitress, headed for the booth.’
    • ‘As I watched, several other black clad figures stepped out of parked cars, unslinging their assault rifles, and scanning the rooftop.’
    • ‘He crouched down, unslung his canteen and filled it, and stared across the lake’
    • ‘Taking a taxi from the Cairo airport to Orabi Square at midday, I unsling my pack at a park bench, do a bit of reading and let the city soak in before I look for a place to stay.’
    • ‘Chantelle landed easily on her feet and unslung Justin's towel from around her neck.’
    • ‘She looked a little bemused to see me but immediately unslung her bag from her shoulder and swung it towards me.’
    • ‘Without saying a word to Echo, he unslung the pack off his back and placed it on the ground next to the boulder.’
    • ‘Backing her horse away from the threat so that she had room to manoeuvre, she unslung her shield and drew her sword.’
    • ‘He closed the door and unslung his backpack from his shoulders, setting it on a chair situated in the entranceway near the door.’
    • ‘He unslung his backpack, looked into it, and frowned.’
    • ‘With surprising speed and force, he unslung his Kalashnikov and struck the mother in the head with his rifle stock.’
    • ‘He declined with a smile and unslung his own canteen of water from over his shoulder and took a long swig from it.’
    • ‘He did not even look at him, but kept his attention fixed on his hands as he unslung the flask and opened the bag attached to his belt.’
    • ‘He watched, perhaps with a bit of a flinch as I unslung the laptop and set it down, rotating it toward him and tapping the keyboard.’
    • ‘She seemed totally unconcerned as she stepped forward, draped her cloak near the fire, and unslung the small harp case she'd worn on her back beneath it.’
    • ‘The third daughter thought for a while, then unslung her unwieldy bag, placed it on the bone-dry ground, and opened it.’
    • ‘I looked at her, then unslung the rifle and propped it against the desk.’
    • ‘Tina took one glance at the unsealed den and unslung her crossbow, ‘Whoever's in there come out with your hands up!’’