Definition of unsignposted in US English:



  • (of a route or area) not provided with a signpost or signposts.

    ‘an unsignposted coastal access path’
    • ‘The goggling spectators refuse to help him find his way through the unmapped and unsignposted dirt tracks of upstate Wisconsin.’
    • ‘When the British Museum is closed you'll have to find your own way, unsignposted, round from the back to the front entrance.’
    • ‘No breakfast is available until Herbers, where the local shop hides behind an unsignposted doorway.’
    • ‘The green road - which by definition is unmetalled as well as unsignposted - is what takes us beyond our people-centred and over-crowded lives, back into the natural world.’
    • ‘Route: Follow the trails behind the Visitor Centre and about half way round you'll find a new unsignposted path leaving the main tarmac trail in a W direction.’
    • ‘The entrance to the allotments is well hidden, down an unsignposted track off Waterden Road between a bus garage and an auction site.’
    • ‘We looked behind the very old church and failed to find an unsignposted Bishop's Palace.’
    • ‘At the moment they're inscrutably unsignposted.’
    • ‘Tupelo's other Elvis-related sites sulk unsignposted and unlinked by anything so self-aggrandising as a bus tour.’