Definition of unshelled in US English:



  • Not extracted from its shell.

    ‘unshelled peanuts’
    • ‘But they do like their peanuts unshelled and unsalted.’
    • ‘We paid for the two rope/wooden toys and went on to a garden centre that has a good pet section where we got some parrot food that looked quite tasty and some unshelled peanuts.’
    • ‘Store unshelled walnuts for up to three months in a cool, dry place.’
    • ‘Nuts, shelled or unshelled, retain their freshness when kept in the freezer.’
    • ‘They stand around the huge circular counter-height oak tables that bear giant bowls of unshelled peanuts.’
    • ‘Whether unshelled or shelled, peanuts scorch easily, so it's important to watch both the temperature and cooking time very closely.’
    • ‘The generous heap of crawfish were shelled (for the lazy eater), but the dish was topped with three whole unshelled crawfish (for the adventurous), which I amateurishly tore apart.’
    • ‘Select unshelled pecans with clean, uncracked shells that don't rattle when shaken.’
    • ‘The images of true poverty gave our tiny congregation a glimpse into the everyday life in Ethiopia, a time of famine when a bucket of unshelled peanuts would be considered a feast.’
    • ‘Thirty seconds after removing a previously boiled, unshelled egg from the microwave, the malicious little egg exploded in her face.’
    • ‘In fact, over the next hour, the Mexican jays collected any and all of the unshelled peanuts that I placed for them on the hopper feeder or threw out for them on the ground.’
    • ‘They're not picky about whether you plant them shelled or unshelled, as long as you don't damage the skin surrounding the nut.’
    • ‘Alongside them were long, unshelled prawns, their black-and-white striped bodies set against white scallops, still very much alive, judging by their whitish shells.’
    • ‘We finally decided on unshelled nuts, an agricultural product of the area and something that is both plentiful and inexpensive.’
    • ‘Brazil nuts are sold both shelled and unshelled.’
    • ‘Edamame are delicious and come frozen shelled or unshelled - just pop into boiling water for a few minutes and enjoy.’
    • ‘At first, the Steller's jays availed themselves of the birdseed and unshelled peanuts on the grass, as well as a few kernels from the tray.’
    • ‘Now, a raven can pulverize an unshelled peanut in two or three large pecks.’
    • ‘In the first place, a scrub jay is usually not content to take just one unshelled peanut and fly off, if there is more than one peanut lying around.’
    • ‘The kernels are available shelled or unshelled, toasted or raw.’