Definition of unshaved in US English:



  • Unshaven.

    • ‘However, his face was unshaved, his eyes were bloodshot, and his short frame, taller than Maggie, but still a short 5'2 ‘, was very stocky.’’
    • ‘He didn't have his whiskers, but just a few as a rogue unshaved beard.’
    • ‘Getting into work two hours after that and seeing the unshaved members of the sales-team, I realised I wasn't alone.’
    • ‘Though Anthony had a scruffy look, with his unshaved face, he also had a twinkle in his eyes that made almost everyone who knew him think twice on pulling a prank on him.’
    • ‘Grimy, unshaved, and dishevelled as I was, I accompanied him.’
    • ‘His eyes were sunken, his chin unshaved and his hair and even his clothing looked disheveled.’
    • ‘And remember the unshaved guy, who was incensed by your suggestion that he drink American beer?’
    • ‘I haven't shaved my legs since the '80s, and my pits are unshaved, but I get my eyebrows waxed.’
    • ‘Her fingers lingered over the unshaved stubble on his chin.’
    • ‘His face was unshaved and a little dirty, and his eyes were a hue of blue.’
    • ‘Another idea: half your head shaved, the other half long / unshaved.’
    • ‘He rubbed his hands along his unshaved chin and let out a mocking laugh.’
    • ‘I used to love trotting out of a morning to potter about the wilderness in my gown and pyjamas, all unshaved and generally unkempt.’
    • ‘He had grayish-black hair and a rugged unshaved look.’
    • ‘Derek North, 81, did not at first pay much attention to Hobson - unkempt, unshaved, dressed in a lumberjack shirt and dirty jeans - when he came in to buy cigarette papers, matches, and a bottle of water.’
    • ‘An observational research study recorded that 4.6% of shaved patients in the study developed wound infections compared to 1.5% of unshaved patients.’
    • ‘They were unshaved, unwashed, unkempt, and curiously unmoved.’
    • ‘His long, unbrushed, curly hair and unshaved face let him look kind of intimidating and his fingers bent the wrong way, which always made me twitch.’
    • ‘Their riders, with tattered clothing, unshaved faces and thin daggers caused his hand to tighten on his sword hilt.’
    • ‘He was unshaved, very hairy, and smelled like rotting meat.’