Definition of unshakably in US English:


(also unshakeably)


  • See unshakable

    • ‘Were it not for science most of us would be unshakeably convinced that the sun goes round the earth.’
    • ‘Despite what the LibDems will tell you, Ryedale is unshakeably Tory.’
    • ‘Here was someone who braved unbelievable hardship, who was unshakeably loyal to those who laboured with him and who, on at least two dramatic occasions, laid on his own life on the line to save others.’
    • ‘That view, which defies history, evidence, logic and rationality (notwithstanding the emerging evidence about dodgy intelligence) has been pumped out by the media, who now unshakeably believe their own rubbish.’
    • ‘A few years ago, the fuss made about small classes forced the government into a meaningless promise to reduce class size. Many parents believe unshakeably that small classes lead to higher standards.’