Definition of unserved in US English:



  • 1(of a person or section of society) not attended to.

    ‘the needs of unserved and underserved audiences’
    • ‘The legislators are boosting quick fixes designed to speed the rollout of high-speed Internet services to unserved customers, from tax incentives to government-backed bonds.’
    • ‘The enrollment decline in 1992-1993 was nearly 2%, equal to 23,300 students, and the estimate of unserved students was 98,000.’
    • ‘The federal government this month issued $20 million in grants to 17 telcos in 40 states as part of an effort to deploy broadband in unserved rural areas.’
    • ‘The two founders have identified an unserved niche in a dynamic segment of the magazine industry.’
    • ‘This was the crisis faced by Progressive reformers of the 1890s, and particularly by mayor William Strong, who initiated a series of public health improvements directed largely at this unserved population.’
    • ‘Improvements in wastewater management are inextricably linked with the desperate need to provide safe drinking water to those currently unserved or underserved.’
    • ‘The non-commercial community station seeks to ‘fill needs that other media do not, providing programming to diverse communities and unserved or underserved groups.’’
    • ‘We spend $1.4 trillion a year on health care, more than any other nation, yet millions remain unserved or underserved.’
    • ‘Hackney services tend to be limited to the Liscard and Birkenhead areas and many outer area ranks, though potentially viable (as evidenced by relatively large nearby private hire bases), remain unserved.’
    • ‘Trudy W. Schuett is an Arizona-based writer and advocate for unserved victims of domestic violence.’
    • ‘Instead it illustrated what happens when you manage to hand a useful tool over to a large unserved population of amateurs.’
    • ‘The needs and desires of so many never go unserved for long.’
    • ‘They are, they claim, bringing music to a vast public otherwise entirely unserved.’
    • ‘When we review programming, we tend to look at unserved and underserved niches that will meet our customers' needs.’
    • ‘They relate to the provision of public sewerage in areas hitherto unserved in that way.’
    • ‘That distinction has sometimes been lost on denominational officials eager to provide any kind of pastoral leadership to unserved congregations.’
    • ‘We are losing the future if we continue to let large parts of our population go unserved and underserved.’
    • ‘They increased the numbers of health professionals working in the public sector, improved health care infrastructure, and extended care to formerly unserved areas.’
    • ‘That's the goal: to spread WiFi to rural communities in Canada and get to the unserved / underserved regions.’
    • ‘‘I keep thinking there's an unserved market out there for all these young people who buy furniture at Ikea,’ he says.’
  • 2Law
    (of a writ or summons) not officially delivered to a person.

    ‘there is no point in leaving a writ unserved’
    • ‘The plaintiff has an unfettered choice whether to pursue the action and serve the proceedings or not, being in breach of no rule or obligation if he chooses to let the writ expire unserved.’
    • ‘No 3, the Court's letter to the applicant was returned unserved.’
    • ‘The court heard that a courier had been sent to serve the summons on the company, but it was found to be in liquidation and the documents had been returned unserved.’