Definition of unsentimental in US English:



  • Not displaying or influenced by sentimental feelings.

    ‘the speeches were short and unsentimental’
    • ‘But the BBC's effort got it just about right, giving us a commendably unsentimental insight into top-level disabled sport.’
    • ‘Humane but unsentimental, unabashedly artsy but instantly approachable, this is a movie for just about everybody.’
    • ‘His previous attitude was typically unsentimental.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, this slim volume is full of snapshots from the frontier of pain: unsentimental observations, anecdotes and cries of anguish.’
    • ‘A long-time supporter of devolution while an economic moderniser, he provides unsentimental analysis of heavy industry's demise.’
    • ‘They are unsentimental and category-averse, a mind-set that means much of business is now working on an old paradigm.’
    • ‘From this you might be forgiven for thinking that Italians are unsentimental about a currency that's been credited as one of the prime unifiers in such a young country.’
    • ‘An unsentimental character who auctioned most of his football medals in 1995, Cantwell had one constant in his peregrinations, his home town.’
    • ‘She talks with the no-nonsense speed of a native East Coaster and the unsentimental clarity of a clinician.’
    • ‘It has a lugubrious pace and doesn't entirely convince but there are some sharp lines, an unsentimental view of big city politics and Pacino's rich performance.’
    • ‘Time and again, in prose unsparing and unsentimental, Liz has allowed readers a peek into her own mental health struggles.’
    • ‘It radiates hard-headed realism, icy egoism and unsentimental calculation.’
    • ‘The camera is distant without being cold, the script unsentimental without being cynical.’
    • ‘But about his work, and about popular culture in general, he is surprisingly unsentimental.’
    • ‘While the series gives us two brilliantly portrayed murderers, for me this unsentimental portrait of women of principle is more impressive.’
    • ‘The script was clunky, but refreshingly unsentimental.’
    • ‘Subjecting him to a cold, unsentimental, statistical evaluation hardly does justice to the qualities he possessed.’
    • ‘They are unsentimental about the persons who occupy democratic posts but sentimental in their conception of the kind of persons who could, ideally, occupy them.’
    • ‘At 45, the Marquis has already earned the reputation of a cool-headed, unsentimental type.’
    • ‘He has the uncommon gift of bringing remote places and people alive in an unsentimental way.’
    reserved, controlled, undemonstrative, restrained, self-controlled, impersonal, clinical, passionless, emotionless, cold, frigid, cool, calm, composed, collected, cool, calm, and collected, cool-headed, level-headed, hard-headed, businesslike, rational, sober, unfeeling, unresponsive, unexcitable, unmoved, unagitated, unruffled, serene, impassive, tranquil, indifferent, apathetic, phlegmatic, stoical, equable, detached, distant, remote, aloof, disinterested, unconcerned
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