Definition of unselfconscious in English:



  • Not suffering from or exhibiting self-consciousness; not shy or embarrassed.

    • ‘I wish I still dreamt about hanging out with B-list rock stars, being admired just because I was precious, and living a life completely unselfconscious.’
    • ‘Come celebrate with the young artists in attendance as they inject fresh colour, life, scent, spirit, humour and unselfconscious whimsy into our art scene.’
    • ‘We had immersed ourselves in Alex the soldier-poet, artist and writer; publishing a book of his art and letters, creating a Web site, letting the unselfconscious narration of his own life affect so many who never knew him.’
    • ‘The flow is effortless and unselfconscious, going from one bit to another without calling attention to the transitions but without feeling like an epic megamix, either.’
    • ‘Everyone is surprisingly unselfconscious about their bodies and far from being disturbed about seeking leisure within a mass of pollution.’
    • ‘Indian classical music must be valued in itself, but in the present climate it must also be cherished for its effortless and unselfconscious contributions to religious harmony.’
    • ‘The overall effect of the chalked pattern was a simple design structure, done in a fairly carefree, unselfconscious and expressionistic way.’
    • ‘The audience were mostly men in their forties, reliving their adolescence with unselfconscious glee (and, latterly, gimpy dancing).’
    • ‘That said, he is a terrific diarist, unselfconscious and candid to an alarming degree.’
    • ‘Though it's anybody's guess what he made of the script, Malkovich appears as himself in the film, submitting willingly to the less than gentle treatment of his character and giving a superbly unselfconscious performance.’
    • ‘Nor had she been able to see me dance as a child: unrestricted totally unselfconscious, innocent and devoid of the fear of others’ opinions.’
    • ‘The non-conceptual, non-theoretically based, expressionist, unselfconscious artists will just have to wait - but they may be waiting a very long time.’
    • ‘Fair himself is a bewildering stage presence - gloriously unselfconscious, gleefully sounding out lyrics as if he's just invented them - while the reliable Fanclub provide a beautiful backdrop.’
    • ‘Everyone agrees there is a lot more to do, but for now he has made Naples the most exciting of all Italian cities to visit, in the first flush of its re-emergence: dynamic, unselfconscious, and as distinctive as it has always been.’
    • ‘It was something I'd heard of, and I was prepared to sneer or cringe as two low-brows reduced films to thumbs up or down and was delighted to find a programme which featured unselfconscious intelligent discussion.’
    • ‘The Right prefers the invisible hand of a market - decentralized, unselfconscious, uncoordinated - to a body in which deliberate choices about how to govern are made.’
    • ‘Caine and Freeman are refreshingly wry presences in a very heavy film, and Oldman gives the sort of strong, character-driven, unselfconscious performance that we've come to expect of him but never praise him enough for.’
    • ‘Babies are born full of unselfconscious self-confidence but, by the time most of them become toddlers, this self-confidence has been lost and they see themselves not being acceptable to their families.’
    • ‘Komon's style was flamboyant and unselfconscious.’
    • ‘The wooded setting and the ‘good day’ of hunting in the open air naturalize the brutality and remind us of the charms of unselfconscious subjectivity.’
    uninhibited, liberated, extrovert, outgoing, unrestrained, expressive, open, affable, talkative, effusive, demonstrative, unconstrained, bold, communicative, expansive, ebullient, exuberant, gushing, outspoken, frank, candid, warm
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