Definition of unseat in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Cause (someone) to fall from a horse or bicycle.

    • ‘Jockey Russell Baze suffered a broken right collarbone on Sunday when he was unseated by his mount at the start of the third race at Golden Gate Fields.’
    • ‘She gasped as he unseated her and she tumbled to the ground.’
    • ‘The horse slowed quickly, discomforting Kaelyn, and unseating her slightly.’
    • ‘Jockey Alejandro Marcial was taken to a hospital on Sunday after his horse, Ski Away, broke down, unseating him in the first race at Arlington Park.’
    • ‘The 33-year-old jockey suffered a fractured collarbone and an array of other injuries on July 21 when he was unseated in the seventh race at Monmouth Park.’
    • ‘The horse squealed in surprised hurt, lunging so hard it almost unseated him.’
    • ‘Griffith loosened the reins and the quivering horse beneath him sprung into a flat-out gallop, nearly unseating him as they rode towards the fallen figure.’
    • ‘Jockey Shane Sellers, who suffered a cracked tailbone when he was unseated in a paddock accident last week at Churchill Downs, plans to return to riding within two weeks.’
    • ‘Her horse reared suddenly, nearly unseating her, and plunged blindly into the forest.’
    • ‘Solis, 40, was injured when he was unseated from his mount, Golden K K, who clipped heels and fell in the upper stretch of a claiming race.’
    • ‘Hannah Blumenthal, 52, a freelance pony rider, was severely injured when she was unseated from a horse on Friday morning at Belmont Park.’
    • ‘Later his driving was to be his downfall as his motorcycle took a mind of its own and he was unseated in the middle of Third Road at rush hour.’
    • ‘Bravo, 33, was riding Maid of Sunlight, who was squeezed in tight quarters and unseated him when she fell.’
    • ‘He thought the ground rocked slightly beneath him, and that he surely must be dreaming or seeing things, when Sport suddenly shied and reared back, nearly unseating him.’
    • ‘Sanders was accidentally unseated on his way to the winner's circle after losing a stirrup iron after Chateau Istana spooked at a camera car, but remained unscathed and was complimentary of the winning performance.’
    • ‘Dominguez was second in the national standings on July 24 when he was unseated from his mount at Delaware Park.’
    • ‘Unused to such harsh treatment, the horse reared back on its hind legs, unseating Jack Foster who landed with a thud on his backside.’
    • ‘Her mount bolted, unseating her but her foot was entangled in a stirrup.’
    • ‘Arroyo was taken to nearby North Shore University Hospital after his mount, Ruby Hill, took an awkward step near the finish line and unseated him.’
    • ‘Jockey Daniel Howard is unseated when Polar Champ hesitates before jumping.’
    dislodge, throw, dismount, spill, upset, unhorse
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    1. 1.1 Remove from a position of power or authority.
      • ‘Jean-Marie Le Pen has won through to the last round of the French presidential election, unseating the socialist prime minister, Lionel Jospin.’
      • ‘When the Glorious Revolution deposed James in 1689, rebellions in Massachusetts and New York overthrew the Dominion of New England and unseated the proprietary government in Maryland.’
      • ‘Elected to the Dáil in 1927 he was unseated as a bankrupt, but elected again in 1937.’
      • ‘They were initially accused of plotting to unseat the government of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea in March last year.’
      • ‘A stalemate had been reached in which the opposition could not unseat the government by force and the government could not reassert full control.’
      • ‘Opposition youth movements such as Ukraine's Pora and Serbia's Otpor have been instrumental in unseating governments in their respective countries.’
      • ‘Even more important, it unseats the person the people have deliberately chose for this office.’
      • ‘The Austrian government was unseated and replaced by a new leadership friendly to Germany, and German corporations began to take over Austrian resources.’
      • ‘Britain's Conservative Party faces its fourth leadership contest in 13 years, after Iain Duncan Smith was unseated on October 29 in a confidence vote of Tory MPs.’
      • ‘They typically sealed their victory by unseating kings, although often creating a new despotism.’
      • ‘An ensuing court challenge which alleged violations of campaign finance laws could have unseated President Tong.’
      • ‘But no one, not even Wahid, is suggesting that the military as an institution is behind any attempt to unseat the government.’
      • ‘The AL, the main opposition party, has decided to resort to street agitation to unseat the government.’
      • ‘Mr Blocher was elected yesterday with 121 votes, unseating Ruth Metzler, the incumbent Christian People's party justice minister, who got 116.’
      • ‘The idea that term limits are necessary to unseat jaded officials and rouse lazy voters could not be more inapplicable in New York City now.’
      • ‘Paul Woolstewholmes from Suffolk has won the election for national officer in the Fire Brigades union, unseating the leadership candidate.’
      • ‘After the Milosevic government was unseated, these Albanian fighters moved on to Macedonia, where the territories bordering Kosovo are also mainly populated by ethnic Albanians.’
      • ‘And in Bolivia, a peasant revolt grounded in opposition to neo-liberal policies recently unseated the pro-business president.’
      • ‘At best, Troy is simply an opportunist who was able to gain the support of a number of key people to help unseat me.’
      • ‘It's also not fair that the sitting governor requires a majority vote to remain in office, as opposed to the plurality an opponent needs to unseat him.’
      depose, oust, remove from office, topple, overthrow, bring down, dislodge, discharge, dethrone, displace, supplant, usurp, overturn, dismiss, eject, evict
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