Definition of unscrupulously in US English:



  • See unscrupulous

    • ‘That powerful interests in society act unscrupulously without checks and balances on their power is a lesson that we would do well to remember when considering the direction one wing of the Socialist movement took in 1917.’
    • ‘People who unscrupulously dispose of old cars by selling them cheaply to young people have been accused of ‘effectively handing them lethal weapons’.’
    • ‘Rather unscrupulously, Rudy decides to pose as his best friend Nick (who was stabbed a few days before his release) in order to enjoy the festive period with Ashley, Nick's unfeasibly attractive love interest.’
    • ‘The capital unscrupulously pumped from poor neighborhoods by way of predatory loans whizzes along a high-speed financial pipeline to Wall Street to be used for investment.’
    • ‘It's terrible to think that civic-minded people doing their bit for the environment are being penalised by the despicable actions of some, who unscrupulously use the bottle bank for something other than its sole purpose.’