Definition of unscriptural in US English:



  • Not in accordance with the Bible.

    ‘sacraments deemed unscriptural by Luther’
    • ‘‘No, it is absolutely unscriptural,’ he answered, ‘and for an outstanding ‘defender of the faith’ it is indeed a strange performance.’’
    • ‘For example, Armstrong's dogmatic view that the Israelites left Egypt the following night after the Passover meal, not the same night, was now deemed unscriptural.’
    • ‘He reconsecrated it to the Virgin Mary and resumed using the temple to pray for the dead, only now it was ‘Christianised ‘, as men added the unscriptural teaching of purgatory.’
    • ‘The Puritan charges to which Hooker felt obliged to respond were at times quite specific, either contrary to Scripture or unscriptural.’
    • ‘Many of our Evangelical traditions are unscriptural and destructive of our growth in Christ, as we have pointed out.’
    • ‘There are pests in the spiritual world, just as in horticulture - unscriptural ideas and attitudes that threaten to retard development.’
    • ‘There is a lot she is involved with that is unscriptural.’
    • ‘These dissenting Baptists, who began to organize separate churches in the 1830s and 40s, were consistent Calvinists who rejected denominational institutions, such as missionary organizations, as unscriptural.’
    • ‘His allegiance is drawn from his own church to the financing body, and that is unscriptural.’
    • ‘It is unscriptural to think that salvation begins by Christ first coming into the sinful heart of a man.’
    • ‘Let us go back and reflect on the three Christian beliefs we are declaring to be unscriptural, and then proceed to the two primary dimensions of deliverance from sin.’
    • ‘I assume that the deity of Christ is denied within this Church, which causes me great concern and is clearly unscriptural.’
    • ‘The Thirty-Nine Articles condemned ‘the Romish doctrine concerning Purgatory, Pardons’ as unscriptural.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, Protestant reformers later rejected that move as hopelessly unscriptural.’
    • ‘It is anti-God, anti-Christ, satanic, and unscriptural.’
    • ‘Larry, it only bothers me because it's unscriptural, and that which is contrary to the Scripture has to bother a Christian whose whole life and whose church and who's ministry and reason for existence is governed by the Scripture.’
    • ‘They refuse blood transfusions as unscriptural.’
    • ‘It is amazing how slowly unscriptural practices enter the Christian Church.’
    • ‘It would be unscriptural, however, to interpret poverty and abundance by the materialistic standards of contemporary Western civilisation.’
    • ‘That dogmatic definition seems to have struck him as unscriptural over definition, an intellectual exercise which had developed into a rigid system of control.’