Definition of unscramble in English:



  • Restore (something that has been scrambled) to an intelligible, readable, or viewable state.

    • ‘Data encryption is defined as the process of scrambling transmitted or stored information making it unintelligible until it is unscrambled by the intended recipient.’
    • ‘Hoagland did get some of his data from someone at the ‘TOP ‘who secretly unscrambled the radio broadcasts from the space shuttle so people all over the world would pick it up.’’
    • ‘But despite spending a week in this fascinating and understated tourist destination, I still have not unscrambled the evidence to prove whether the colourful stories surrounding Robin and his merry men really are fact or fiction.’
    • ‘Once it's been diagnosed you have to use tricks to unscramble the wrongly decoded message.’
    • ‘The Feds could even unscramble digital phones, you see.’
    • ‘What's more, some programs scramble this data before it is sent and unscramble it at the other end, which means that no-one can eavesdrop on your conversations.’
    • ‘The fight is over a seemingly innocuous, wafer-thin device called a CableCard that unscrambles digital video images.’
    • ‘Information on how to unscramble satellite TV signal and defeat smartcards was traded in Net chat rooms amongst the accused, prosecutors claim.’
    • ‘But critics argue that anyone gaining access to the computer modules involved could unscramble the records and find out who voted which way.’
    • ‘The role of historians - who are scientists of the human - is to unscramble myths.’
    • ‘It is called conditional access, and you need a special thing in the box to unscramble the signal and let it through.’
    • ‘He successfully unscrambles the jumble of letters: ‘HCEIRAL HNESE’ is ‘CHARLIE SHEEN,’ he's pretty sure.’
    • ‘The game gives you clues, and you have to unscramble different words.’
    • ‘The tuner then unscrambles it and readies it for viewing pleasure.’
    • ‘The download is an illegal piece of software that unscrambles encrypted DVDs.’
    • ‘In other words, the dream is a code to be decoded, a scrambled line to be unscrambled, so that its images can be reduced to their basic meanings.’
    • ‘The equipment, including devices used to reprogram access cards, enables viewers to unscramble DirecTV programming without legal authorization.’
    • ‘To his annoyance, the card which unscrambled the picture would not arrive until Monday and so he went in to Naas to see if he could get one from somewhere.’
    • ‘Code books and cipher books were used to scramble and unscramble the messages, but cipher machines were also used, and were faster.’
    • ‘The decoder unscrambled the message and displayed the cleared form on the screen.’