Definition of unsaved in English:



  • Not saved, in particular (in Christian use) not having had one's soul saved from damnation.

    • ‘If the answer is No, all unsaved changes are lost.’
    • ‘I managed to get rid of the dialog by killing some offending system process, but then lost all my unsaved work when the machine rebooted anyway.’
    • ‘While I was conducting a deliverance meeting, without my knowing it, an unsaved couple came to the Lord.’
    • ‘That must be the first time in my life that Word has actually managed not to lose a large amount of unsaved text.’
    • ‘What happens when unsaved people see those who attend church sinning?’
    • ‘This means that sensitive equipment such as computers can receive a short burst of extra electricity. Typically the energy burst will cause a PC to crash, losing all unsaved work in progress.’
    • ‘An attacker could use this vulnerability to cause other users' Office applications to fail, with the loss of any unsaved data.’
    • ‘Are you happy to bring unsaved friends to your church?’
    • ‘I mean, what program do we expect to rescue us post-crash when we keep what amount to 40 or 50 unsaved documents open?’
    • ‘Yes, every man is going to Hell, saved and unsaved, death shall feed on them, their beauty shall be consumed in the grave.’
    • ‘While a surge protector should protect your computer from damage caused by an electrical voltage spike, it won't protect your valuable unsaved data if you're working on the computer when the spike occurs.’
    • ‘One lady told her unsaved husband, ‘You can go to church now, listen, and get up and walk out.’’
    • ‘The Holy Spirit produces spiritual fruit in God's people that ensures a life of a kind that unsaved people can never understand or enjoy.’
    • ‘Schools struggled with various technical glitches - from unsaved data to incorrect data showing rip in the system.’
    • ‘I had given no thought to the effect it might have on the unsaved public.’
    • ‘Besides, you're not the only unsaved student that attends Galilee.’
    • ‘A sudden absence of power can trash unsaved data or damage important system files, both of which can be devastating to a business.’
    • ‘She only answered him this time, because in the past when she didn't respond by the second time Jordan had deleted her unsaved work.’
    • ‘There is a great danger that unsaved people might get the impression that by imitating the things that Christians do they can become Christians.’
    • ‘Our failure to recognise that unsaved sinners are spiritually dead has caused immense problems.’