Definition of unsatisfactory in English:



  • Unacceptable because poor or not good enough.

    ‘an unsatisfactory situation’
    • ‘Property services, which were poor at the last inspection have improved little and remain unsatisfactory.’
    • ‘Clearly she still struggles with her emotions about the police and believes their driving in London is unsatisfactory.’
    • ‘For somebody to get four months is absolutely unsatisfactory.’
    • ‘This is unsatisfactory as my urgent issues remain unanswered.’
    • ‘Their social, moral and spiritual development is unsatisfactory.’
    • ‘Essential repairs have been carried out but accommodation was still found to be unsatisfactory in the latest inspection.’
    • ‘More than half of the teaching was unsatisfactory, aspects of management were weak and attendance was poor.’
    • ‘Their inadequacy apart, this is totally unsatisfactory as it takes several minutes to cross from one platform to the other.’
    • ‘Never stop the payment of your cheque after it is issued because of unsatisfactory work, without taking legal advice.’
    • ‘It takes courage to make such a joke, to admit that those who died were not paragons but incomplete, unsatisfactory human beings.’
    • ‘All in all it's been a boring, unsatisfactory day and, at the end of it, I'm not in the least reluctant to apply head to pillow.’
    • ‘Staff leading these lessons were judged unsatisfactory or poor.’
    • ‘Was their design unsatisfactory for the safety of the drivers?’
    • ‘Having broken up with a long-term girlfriend, he embarked upon a series of unsatisfactory relationships.’
    • ‘Her first two collections were very much preoccupied with relationships, most of which were unsatisfactory.’
    • ‘Teaching in a third of lessons was graded unsatisfactory or poor, while learning in two fifths of lessons was below standard.’
    • ‘Standards are above average, but achievement is poor as a result of unsatisfactory teaching and attendance.’
    • ‘It was a thoroughly unsatisfactory way to concede the three points but entirely in keeping with a game that never threatened to catch fire.’
    • ‘It is true that since its opening we have had problems and I have acknowledged that the level of service has been unsatisfactory.’
    • ‘Water entered through the roof and the water supply was unsatisfactory, being dirty in wet weather and deficient in dry.’
    disappointing, dissatisfying, undesirable, disagreeable, displeasing, deplorable
    inadequate, unacceptable, unworthy, poor, bad, substandard, weak, mediocre, lacking, not good enough, defective, deficient, insufficient, faulty, imperfect, inferior
    terrible, intolerable, insufferable
    impermissible, inadmissible, inappropriate, unsuitable
    lousy, sad, leaving a lot to be desired, no great shakes, not much cop, not up to par, not up to scratch
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