Definition of unruffled in US English:



  • 1Not disordered or disarranged.

    ‘the unruffled waters of the lake’
    • ‘Could I aspire to become a 21st Century Nick, as I looked at the unruffled picture post card water?’
    • ‘The chain hung straight down from the chock of the bowsprit and although our flags above flickered in the breeze, the water lay unruffled.’
    • ‘Like everything else in the picture, the water on which the barge floats is serene and unruffled, as in a tideless sea or lagoon.’
    • ‘The thin air was still, the surface of the great lake unruffled.’
    • ‘The high tide and its fish-filled waters lured the grey seal into Arnside bay where it feasted in the shallow water unruffled by the gathering crowds.’
    • ‘Everything's looking rosy, and then all of a sudden you wake up on your own on the floor with your bedclothes unruffled.’
    • ‘There was a painting in gray and white before me, serene and unruffled as a frozen pond.’
    tranquil, calm, smooth, still, flat, even, motionless, placid, waveless, pacific, undisturbed, unagitated, unbroken, like a millpond
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) not agitated or disturbed; calm.
      • ‘However, it was time for formalities, and there were introductions all round, besides words of warm welcome for the winsome star who was her pleasant, confident self, seemingly unruffled by all the attention she was getting.’
      • ‘She remained unruffled, and was similarly nonchalant about the the recent disclosure on the Internet of the true age of a large group of actresses, revealing her to be an old maid.’
      • ‘Most people touring the 302-square-kilometre Lushan National Park will be unruffled when they stand in front of perpendicular cliffs and look down on deep valleys.’
      • ‘Roulston appears unruffled by the lack of attention, his concern mainly extending to getting the young interested in science and electronics, which he regards as vital for the future of the economy.’
      • ‘Mills, seen here reviewing his troops, of course, saying the formal greetings in his tux and tie and all, seemed unruffled by this new rank, and even by the new statue cast in his honor.’
      • ‘‘We both used our grandfather's sword,’ Harsh says, unruffled.’
      • ‘Reasonable, unruffled, not put out by circumstances - his journey might seem to hint he wishes to earn the right to mock himself ‘doing time’.’
      • ‘‘This is a good year for me,’ agrees Imtiaz, looking characteristically unruffled on an unseasonally hot day in uncrushed white linen.’
      • ‘If you'd rather be fluid, flexible and unruffled than frustrated, flustered and furious, don't get too rigidly attached to particular structures or specific results.’
      • ‘The unruffled Swede insisted that he had ‘seen worse in his life’ and dismissed these as ‘small problems’.’
      • ‘As she puts it she has always aimed to be the most confident, the most unruffled, the most serene.’
      • ‘Piloted by a savvy young man called Wayan (who doubles as a guide), I'm going to remain unruffled even during the vast traffic jam that oozes between Ubud and Kuta.’
      • ‘Redman has remained unruffled - he knows that the same critics who accuse him of selling out would also likely accuse him of being unchallenging if he stayed inside the frame.’
      • ‘Repeat your points, stay unruffled, sound folksy.’
      • ‘In the Sushikiri ceremony in front of the shrine steps, two select young men, with slow, elaborate ritual, each slice up 10 funazushi, remaining unruffled as their elders shout humorous advice at them from their seats on the steps.’
      • ‘I was not aware of any restrictions and so unaware, had a good time unruffled and blithely went on working.’
      • ‘He appears remarkably unruffled, even after another day of questions, more questions, excitable headlines and warnings that the 178-year-old institution is on the slippery slope.’
      • ‘A model of patience, persistence and perseverance Marvan has taught not only the cricketers, but all of us, how to get a task nobly accomplished unperturbed and unruffled.’
      • ‘‘The heart still races,’ he insisted, although it has to be said that the great man looked as serenely unruffled by the prospect as ever.’
      • ‘Chasing a target of 407, Yorkshire resumed on 12 without loss and never looked like saving the match, despite Lumb's unruffled 86 off 146 balls, with ten boundaries.’
      calm, composed, undisturbed, unagitated, unmoved, controlled, self-controlled, self-possessed, untroubled, undismayed, unperturbed, at ease, tranquil, relaxed, serene, cool, cool, calm, and collected, cool-headed, unshaken, unbothered, unexcitable, unemotional, equanimous, unflappable, imperturbable, equable, stoical, urbane
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