Definition of unromantic in US English:



  • Not romantic.

    • ‘The by-law proposal is only the product of the utterly unromantic and dreary administrative process of harmonizing all the old bylaws left over from the pre-amalgamated municipalities that now make up Toronto.’
    • ‘In fact, it would be fair to describe her as unromantic in her attitudes to love, marriage and compatibility.’
    • ‘I'm looking forward to the weekend but I'm not sure about being dubbed the most unromantic couple in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘Here is an unromantic love poem for your enjoyment.’
    • ‘Hoardings, which dot the main thoroughfares, used to look bland and unromantic.’
    • ‘The zoo might seem a bizarrely unromantic venue, but these ‘get to know you’ meetings are not about romance - and certainly not about physical contact.’
    • ‘For the last hour she has insisted she is totally unromantic about the life she has chosen.’
    • ‘Much of the grain spirit that goes into the dominant blends is made in eight vast, unromantic alcohol factories without twee visitor centres across the central belt from Girvan to Dumbarton to Leven in Fife.’
    • ‘The area around the old port is lovely and the cobbled back streets are worth exploring, but it's a pretty unromantic place, trying to live down its reputation as the drug capital of France.’
    • ‘It may sound unromantic, but retiring overseas is not just about those sun-kissed beaches and fields of sunflowers.’
    • ‘I had some unromantic, but highly enjoyable… fun.’
    • ‘Generally flooded by cold lighting, Boyd's and Piper's stage provided a ferociously unromantic setting for this most famous of romantic tragedies.’
    • ‘Sandra's former husband denied he was unromantic adding: ‘I thought it would be quite a good present because she always liked gardening.’’
    • ‘And that was the most unromantic start to any affair, but it's what happened.’
    • ‘Such advantages come with a price - the bigger world is a tougher, unromantic place, especially where huge businesses are involved.’
    • ‘Ian Storey as Erik looks unromantic, but acquits himself well in this uncharacteristically Italianate role.’
    • ‘I would've been scared of being accused of being unromantic or cheap.’
    • ‘In these unromantic establishments, romantic dreams are dreamed.’
    • ‘The myth of the aloof, unromantic Scot has been dented by one of the biggest studies of love, sex and marriage ever carried out in this country.’
    • ‘Others, like The Good Samaritan, have a bitter humanity to them that will have even the most unromantic of you crying into your cappuccino.’
    boring, dull, dreary, drab, unexciting, unstimulating
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