Definition of unrevised in US English:



  • Not revised; in an original form.

    ‘the manuscript was unrevised when he died’
    • ‘For the reasons set out in the unrevised judgment, which I now hand down, this appeal is dismissed.’
    • ‘However, for those travelling far and wide in Southeast Asia in search of birds, the unrevised King guide was the only one available until now.’
    • ‘The poem sits unrevised from its rough form, and I'm moving on with my life again.’
    • ‘Were it not for the defensive deficiencies, the first-half impression that Stuttgart were no more than a well-muscled, stuffy side might have continued unrevised beyond the interval.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, an unrevised manuscript of The Divine Milieu had found its way to Rome and was under study by Vatican theologians.’
    • ‘The evidence appeared in what amounted to a typo that slipped through unrevised.’
    • ‘AFN Chief Executive Officer Dan Brant said the document was authentic, but was an unrevised version.’
    • ‘They were put there, unedited, unrevised, just as the authors sent them, with all the emotion and tears that went into writing them.’
    • ‘‘With his economic forecasts largely unrevised, his fiscal arithmetic continues to be based on unrealistic assumptions,’ he said.’
    • ‘Ten of the unrevised pieces, published between 1995-98, were sufficiently up-to-date when the book went to press.’
    • ‘You will also be able to have an unrevised version of mine probably later this morning.’
    • ‘Even the unrevised data made it evident that the recession had begun by the end of 1990.’
    • ‘The revision flew in the face of consensus forecasts which had been looking for October consumer prices to rise by 0.3% from the previous month and for the annual inflation rate to remain unrevised at 2.1%.’
    • ‘These edited but unrevised transcriptions may count among the most capable of John Fowles's writings.’
    • ‘This I believe to be the only possible literature of the free future, uninterrupted and unrevised full confessions about what actually happened in real life.’
    • ‘Several items are written, and these may be omitted, refined, or used unrevised in the final version of the tool.’
    • ‘I hoped I would find a last complete manuscript; or, almost as good, that I'd find the manuscript complete up to the last scene, and then a draft, perhaps unrevised, of a last scene, an all but finished conclusion to the book.’
    • ‘The Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) legislator Rekso Ageng Herman also said that the social insurance bill would not work if it remained unrevised.’
    • ‘Craftsmen and driving instructors staged a rally in front of the National Assembly building on Thursday to protest against the increase of patent taxes for 2002, and the Government's decision to leave them unrevised.’
    • ‘The text of Arabella, though fully drafted, was unrevised.’