Definition of unresisting in US English:



  • Not showing, producing, or putting up any resistance.

    ‘she took the box from his unresisting hand’
    • ‘‘Please tell me,’ he said softly, taking them gently from her unresisting fingers and looking at them.’
    • ‘In 1964, two killers enter a school for the blind and gun down an unresisting mechanics instructor, Johnny North.’
    • ‘She shoved the child into his unresisting arms.’
    • ‘Somebody sneaks in and chloroforms you, or sprays knock-out gas under your door, and while you are comatose and unresisting, your worldly goods are stripped.’
    • ‘She nodded and let him have another swallow of whiskey before she took it from his unresisting fingers and shoved the stopper back into the bottle.’
    • ‘As for Mariana, unresisting and accommodating as the text confines her to be, she appears to experience this exploitation as ‘voluntary allegiance to disinterested virtue’.’
    • ‘After the disastrous Battle of Long Island on 27 August 1776, British forces seized unresisting New York and held it throughout the war.’
    • ‘Apache helicopters pounded them with missiles, while US tanks poured cannon fire on the defeated and unresisting column.’
    • ‘He also took the folder from the other unresisting hand, keeping it under his arm.’
    • ‘Somewhere, Blake began hating her, because for some reason, the fact that the person standing next to her had been chosen to go up on stage made her absurdly proud, and she lifted Blake's limp and unresisting hand herself.’
    • ‘‘It is useless,’ Dr. Johnson once remarked, ‘to criticize an unresisting imbecility.’’
    • ‘Boyd proudly proclaimed how you need to ‘make yourself’ so the ‘powers that be’ cannot make you weak and unresisting.’
    • ‘In particular, antivice reformers argued that the white slave's financial plight kept her ‘in the life’ during the critical transition from innocent dupe to unresisting prostitute.’
    • ‘The princess seemed to be sleepwalking, for she barely opened her eyes and never once said a word, and was completely unresisting when Eleanor led her to her room and eased her down upon the bed, drawing the blankets up over her.’
    • ‘The representation of Silver as quiet and unresisting, however, suggests McCrumb's ambivalent attitude towards political resistance against an oppressive state.’
    • ‘Starting to walk away from the house, I am grateful she threw me out, grabbing me by the waist and pushing my unresisting body out the door.’
    • ‘Just as long as we don't present an unresisting target.’
    • ‘He took the other sledge from Damien's unresisting fingers and we raced to the bottom.’
    • ‘The rabbit was squatting by the cabbages unresisting when I was summoned to fetch him, and soon after I carried him back in the hutch he shut his eyes and died.’
    • ‘The book by Strauss that he selects for critique in the First Meditation is so undemanding a pewside read, so unresisting an object for intelligent scorn, that one wonders why Nietzsche is bothering, and evidently so does he.’
    compliant, acquiescent, tractable, amenable
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