Definition of unredeemable in US English:



  • Not able to be redeemed.

    ‘an unredeemable defect’
    • ‘Nearly all governments are now committed to reckless spending, and finance their deficits by issuing additional quantities of unredeemable paper money and by boundless credit expansion.’
    • ‘Whether his fear is motivated by his loss of honor and job, or by a spiritual conviction that this earthquake is an act of judgment on an unredeemable life, his despair is apparent.’
    • ‘And if we fail to produce this constellation of past and present, the past will remain but a negative, unseen, unread, and unredeemable.’
    • ‘Vinge has a weakness for the unredeemable villain.’
    • ‘The poem is unique, unrepeatable and unredeemable.’
    • ‘Certain characters are so conflicted and unredeemable that you steel yourself for brutal violence the entire time.’
    • ‘Like so many people, I owe Nathan an unredeemable debt for the experience of being induced through this difficult logic of metaphor to learn how to see.’
    • ‘Man's passions may turn vicious, but without them he is unredeemable.’
    • ‘In any case, Graveyard of Honor struck me as a paradoxically quaint and unredeemable film.’
    • ‘Although there are a lot of bad apples working in these places, not everyone that is doing this work is really such a bad person (certainly not unredeemable - my story proves that).’
    • ‘It is also one of unredeemed and unredeemable ugliness, of a landscape despoiled and defiled.’
    • ‘Serial killers also served a law-and-order penal agenda: Lock up these unredeemable fiends and throw away the key..’
    • ‘Those looking for an unredeemable blackguard will find one in the spider-like supporting character of Skroopf, who has no redeeming characteristics.’
    • ‘No human being with the power of free will is unredeemable.’
    • ‘Clearly for lives lived in slavery, no matter what the redresses of the present or hopes for the future, the injustice has been done, the loss for those historical individuals is absolute and unredeemable.’
    • ‘It's rude, yes, but it's also an unredeemable character flaw.’
    • ‘Don't let negativity distort your self-image so you feel unlovable or unredeemable.’
    • ‘The presence of the poor is therefore widely felt as an unredeemed and unredeemable liability.’
    • ‘If the works quoted in Don Quixote are any measure, it took masters like Cervantes and Ariosto to prove that this genre wasn't completely unredeemable.’
    • ‘Theron wins the plaudits from Entertainment Weekly, too, which wrote that she ‘plays an unredeemable woman with uncompromising reality.’