Definition of unrecorded in US English:



  • Not recorded.

    • ‘These are all positive moves for the club which have gone practically unrecorded.’
    • ‘Dr Parapia said he still needed more convincing and wondered if there could have been other unrecorded Somali deaths.’
    • ‘It is estimated that up to 20,000 unrecorded Rights of Way will be discovered.’
    • ‘Marlborough was required to pay £60 and find an unrecorded number of men to serve in the king's navy.’
    • ‘What its subject made of it is unrecorded, which is perhaps just as well.’
    • ‘The story of St Kilda before the arrival of Martin Martin is almost entirely unrecorded.’
    • ‘How many unrecorded racist comments have you made?’
    • ‘Four of the injuries occurred in the street, eight were at private displays and two happened in unrecorded locations.’
    • ‘His marriage lasted just eight years, with his 27-year-old wife dying from an unrecorded illness.’
    • ‘Deaths went unrecorded for a variety of reasons - indifference to the fate of ‘worthless’ beings, the confusion of war.’
    • ‘Claims of illnesses due to pesticide exposure go unrecorded and very little scientific work in this area has been carried out.’
    • ‘It is thought many more attacks go unrecorded as drivers fail to report them because they fear no action will be taken.’
    • ‘Many died with their experiences unrecorded, the crimes against them unprosecuted, in the brutal camps of northern Siberia.’
    • ‘Elsewhere in the county, a farmer alerted the team to seven previously unrecorded panels on his land.’
    • ‘Common assaults are those resulting in no injury and in the past may have gone unrecorded.’
    • ‘He adds the national surveillance unit set up in 1990 may have created an impression the disease was new when in fact it had been around all along, but previously unrecorded.’
    • ‘Because the two opposing fleets never came face to face, a number of significant incidents of the battle are unrecorded, and these artworks help fill the gaps.’
    • ‘Their reward was to be paid highly and then retire gracefully and anonymously, with a state honour or two, to a place in the country, secrets kept and views unrecorded.’
    • ‘Calls that went unrecorded and unanswered are now being picked up.’
    • ‘All resistance depended on infrastructures of anonymity, and for that reason the names of many essential resisters went unrecorded except at local level.’
    tacit, implicit, unvoiced, silent, implied, taken for granted, accepted, recognized, understood
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