Definition of unreciprocated in US English:



  • Not reciprocated.

    ‘his feelings for her were unreciprocated’
    • ‘This suggests that therapeutic venting on the internet to a faceless audience in an unreciprocated bid for attention and emotional support is unlikely to help, and may well make things worse.’
    • ‘God torments man spiritually: aware of his weaknesses, he demands complete and unreciprocated love.’
    • ‘Even the book's tantalising denouement - proof that our hapless youth's feelings for Madame are not entirely unreciprocated - comes after she gets him to recite a line from Beckett's Endgame.’
    • ‘They also described reciprocated friendships more positively than unreciprocated ones.’
    • ‘You might be left empty or whole, but you're not dead from unreciprocated romantic love.’
    • ‘The cause of the separation is thought to be his unreciprocated desire to have children.’
    • ‘Bookish tales of moral consequence and unreciprocated passion dominated the box office at about the same time indie film-making came into its own.’
    • ‘There are all the brother bloggers who have been kind enough to extend an unreciprocated link and can now be repaid in full and a few others as well.’
    • ‘But it's frustrating to harbor an unreciprocated crush.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the book contains some salutary warnings about unreciprocated pluralist attitudes of liberals towards religion.’
    • ‘Angela's writing, however, unread and unreciprocated, enables her to express, understand, and survive her loneliness.’
    • ‘It wasn't his fault my yet-to-be-rationalized feelings were unreciprocated.’
    • ‘All this love Kissinger spent on journalists did not go unreciprocated, as we now learn from the transcripts of his telephone conversations his secretaries and aides made in secret for Kissinger while listening in on another phone.’
    • ‘People there are in no mood for demands for more aid and investment while earlier gestures have gone largely unreciprocated.’
    • ‘In the telephone interaction presented below, the strangers begin by exchanging offers, followed by the seller offering repeated and unreciprocated concessions.’
    • ‘Her mother came right in, walked by with a short, unreciprocated greeting, and caught sight of the broken locks as soon as they were in her view.’
    • ‘Marcel's friend Baron de Charlus develops an unreciprocated desire for him, but Marcel loves Albertine, who breaks his heart.’
    • ‘The director, instead, directs the audience, exercising a temporary but unlimited right to unimpeded, unreciprocated intimacy with the endless rows of anonymous seated bodies that make up his mass audience.’
    • ‘Of course, her love for him is unreciprocated, as he toys with her heart and then leaves her, quickly tiring of her infantilism and naïveté.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, his feelings were unreciprocated, and Mrs. McKensey had been politely fending off his amorous advances ever since.’