Definition of unreceptive in US English:



  • Not receptive, especially to new suggestions or ideas.

    • ‘But the market is totally unreceptive at the moment.’
    • ‘Yet, brought to an extreme, a cohesive team can be complacent and unreceptive to new ideas that challenge the status quo.’
    • ‘But those of us who had to watch the game on the box he sounded more like a teacher instructing unreceptive pupils rather than internationals well-versed in the laws.’
    • ‘Some of this is not very good science and probably has the effect of making hardcore smokers cynical and unreceptive to change.’
    • ‘Coarse advances toward potentially unreceptive acquaintances are incompatible with the dignity of one's position.’
    • ‘We are often told that establishment taste is parochial, obtuse and unreceptive to novelty.’
    • ‘Many of us were concerned about his increasing forgetfulness, but he had been unreceptive to gentle suggestions about downsizing or getting help.’
    • ‘What struck me most, however, given my day of finger-pointing, screwed-up faces and unreceptive ears, was how the speaker came to explain Pollock's work in the simplest of terms.’
    • ‘Technocracies are also unreceptive because they value too much the technical expertise and rational decision making of elite groups, thus failing to encourage the commitment, communication, and involvement of employees.’
    • ‘Oh I know, it's new music, it's challenging, the public is unreceptive to new music until they've heard it a dozen times over two decades.’
    • ‘Not bad for a people commentators sometimes suggest may be pathologically unreceptive to democracy.’
    • ‘I could not understand why he so sincerely believed in a message which I had not written - indeed, was so besotted with the idea that he was completely unreceptive to all my protests against it.’
    • ‘While Washington so far had been unreceptive to his overtures, he was aware that a prompt commitment of Australian forces would improve the chances of such a pact.’
    • ‘The problem, she felt, was that the editor who ran the news meetings appeared unreceptive to story ideas different from his own.’
    • ‘With the pressures of liberalization and internationalization, the man in power both lacked ways of actively solving these issues and was unreceptive to suggestions.’
    • ‘First, small firms form the seedbed for many, if not most, important innovations, in part because large firms are generally unreceptive to new ideas.’
    • ‘My interlocutors were and still are quite unreceptive to these arguments.’
    • ‘Other times families are entirely unreceptive.’
    • ‘Those who shared their pain with unreceptive audiences felt worse than those who didn't talk at all, although not as good as those who shared their pain with a receptive audience.’
    • ‘However, the political attackers may be unreceptive to the views of the legal profession, as it is likely to be perceived that any rejoinders are made in self-interest or with an ulterior motive.’
    unaffected by, untouched by, immune to, invulnerable to, insusceptible to, not susceptible to, proof against, unreceptive to, closed to, resistant to, indifferent to, heedless of, unresponsive to, oblivious to, unmoved by, deaf to
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