Definition of unreasonableness in US English:



  • See unreasonable

    • ‘During negotiations, it is part of the game to exaggerate the justice of one's own position and the unreasonableness of the others.’
    • ‘This is satire, and it is the laughter of derision, the reaction to the stupidity and unreasonableness of the other's position.’
    • ‘It is often unhelpful to discuss, in the abstract, the legal consequences of irrationality, or illogicality, or unreasonableness of some degree.’
    • ‘A final reason for adopting a tolerant stance towards others was the necessity to think logically about the unreasonableness of intolerant views.’
    • ‘It is a feature of my psychology that I never really lose my rag in political arguments, except when confronted by unreasonableness on the part of those I know and love.’