Definition of unreadiness in US English:



  • See unready

    • ‘The state of national unreadiness for the long-predicted onset of hurricane-season activity has been bluntly reported as the outcome of the exercise put on at the office of the National Emergency Management Authority (Nema).’
    • ‘If critics are right and the plan was to use £500,000 of Scottish taxpayers' funds secure in the knowledge that Ireland's unreadiness would scupper our chances, it worked perfectly.’
    • ‘However, the UK's unreadiness for Mexican sounds was summed up by their appearance in a near-empty tent at the 2000 Reading festival.’
    • ‘They had so little chance of success I didn't need to worry about their unreadiness for political life.’
    • ‘We maintained our position for some time for fear of people's unreadiness for the direct presidential election.’