Definition of unreachably in US English:



  • See unreachable

    • ‘Their faith drove them to see the divine in a photograph of the unreachably remote.’
    • ‘One hallway gets smaller as you go, until finally you stand trapped and hunched; a Garden of Exile contains olive trees hidden in huge concrete planters with only the treetops visible, unreachably far overhead.’
    • ‘It is precisely because an important difference exists between a normal brain and the brain of someone who is seriously demented or unreachably deluded that such people are not considered responsible for crimes they might commit.’
    • ‘At night, down on the water, they seem just beyond grasp, unreachably distant, like the past itself.’
    • ‘A table of four middle-aged Neapolitan men, puffing on big cigars with all the assurance of the beginner, while eyeing up the three unreachably teenage, unreachably American girls on the table next door.’