Definition of unquote in US English:



  • see "quote — unquote" at quote
    • ‘U.S. Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman today said - quote - ‘We're getting a bit frustrated with Mexico’ - unquote - for not lifting bans on American beef.’
    • ‘Government officials say they cannot comprehend the decision, because everyone is free to leave Ethiopia in a - quote / unquote - ‘legal way.’’
    • ‘Said Commission Chairman Thomas Kean - quote - ‘We still do not have a maximum effort against the most urgent threat, everybody agrees the most urgent threat to the American people’ - unquote.’
    • ‘Iran is not saying who they have but today said - quote - ‘a large number of small and big-time elements of al Qaeda figures are in our custody’ - unquote.’
    • ‘President Thabo Mbeki said in a newspaper article that - quote - ‘Africans will be objects of compassion and contempt until such time as we have become demonstrable masters of our own destiny’ - unquote.’
    • ‘A fragile calm has returned to parts of Darfur in western Sudan, but only because - quote - ‘There's nothing left to burn’ - unquote.’
    • ‘The company said, and I quote: ‘Our commitment to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner is a role we take very seriously’ - unquote.’
    • ‘Her, quote unquote, ‘good friend’ actor Brad Pitt - here they are recently playing at Jolie's England estate - is said to have accompanied Jolie and Maddox on the trip to Africa.’