Definition of unqualifiedly in US English:



  • See unqualified

    • ‘As a result of popular indifference and neglect, he says, all guns were made into ‘the property of the state, subject to storage in central storehouses,’ so thoroughly regulated that ‘no gun ever belonged unqualifiedly to an individual.’’
    • ‘Well, certainly the national security and managing the economy are unqualifiedly national issue, they're federal issues and even our critics will acknowledge that we've done a good job with the economy.’
    • ‘One reason we are proud to be Israel's friend is that we think the United States has no more unqualifiedly pro-American ally in the world than Israel.’
    • ‘The more cosmopolitan among us may have spent time living on the Air Force base in Wiesbaden; and the very best of us have spent time completely unqualifiedly teaching English as a foreign language.’
    • ‘It is always necessary to praise this venture pretty much unqualifiedly, for alone of British festivals it opens a panorama of the international compositional scene.’