Definition of unprotesting in US English:



  • Not objecting to what someone has said or done.

    ‘I was escorted, proud and unprotesting, to the exit’
    • ‘I stretched my arms out, took Beta by the shoulder and pulled her unprotesting body close to my breast and her face up to mine.’
    • ‘This is done by bringing up American children in such a way that they will take their place in society as diligent workers and unprotesting consumers.’
    • ‘Clark kneels down again and scoops the small unprotesting creature up in his arms.’
    • ‘Modest, unprotesting, a devoted church-goer and teetotaller, and a model family man, Jack Hobbs was the prototype of the loyal artisan dedicated to Crown and country.’
    • ‘The president isn't afraid to take unpopular stances in which he believes: A majority of Americans opposed the war that nevertheless was coaxed down our largely unprotesting throats.’
    • ‘But both Eva and St Clair die, and Tom is sold again, this time to a brutal cotton plantation owner, Simon Legree, who finally beats the unprotesting Tom to death just before Shelby's son arrives to redeem him.’
    compliant, complying, consenting, cooperative, willing, obliging, agreeable, amenable, tractable, persuadable, easily persuaded, pliant, flexible, easy, resigned
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