Definition of unpronounceably in US English:



  • See unpronounceable

    • ‘You get this novel about deadly squash-pumpkin hybrids, two unpronounceably surnamed not-quite-orphans’ deadly encounters with them and a villain who makes Count Olaf seem benevolent.’
    • ‘The letters I-J-K appear unpronounceably together on vernacular signboards, with the sole intention of befuddling non-Dutch-speaking mankind.’
    • ‘I also have a hard time reading aloud, slurring the words unpronounceably together frequently.’
    • ‘She called herself Me, which was short for an unpronounceably long Thai name.’
    • ‘Australia beat Caledonia 11-0 in the quarter finals with four goals from the unpronounceably named Bobby Despotovski.’