Definition of unprogressive in US English:



  • Not favoring or implementing social reform or new, typically liberal, ideas.

    ‘the unprogressive nature of British institutions’
    • ‘‘I consider this stuff unprogressive tribal chauvinism,’ says Hilary Kamau, a Kikuyu and recent university graduate, distancing himself from what he calls ‘uneducated, lower class’ adherents.’
    • ‘Instead, it traded this forgone rent for other government taxes, usually unprogressive, frequently cost-ineffective and always unfair.’
    • ‘We have seen that, for Edgeworth, ‘some other society’ might entail banishment to some unprogressive country; a darker interpretation is one of nonexistence.’
    • ‘All other differences between them, like political traditions, begin to appear unreal and unprogressive.’
    • ‘Josephine Macauley, a staunch opponent of female circumcision, remarked in the Electronic Mail & Guardian that the practice is ‘cruel, unprogressive and a total abuse of the children's rights.’’
    • ‘When the ‘blacklist’ was forgotten, sometime in the late sixties, the county returned to its quiet and unprogressive past.’
    • ‘Rather, it is labor intensive and in William Baumol's view is inherently technologically unprogressive.’
    • ‘The recent Women's Issue has to be one of the most unprogressive pieces of literature to have ever come out of Briarpatch's offices.’
    • ‘He was a distributivist who wanted a chicken in every peasant's pot with emphasis on the ‘peasant’, and said that he admired the cheerfully unprogressive attitudes of the poor.’
    hard-line, hard-core, reactionary, ultra-conservative, conservative, traditionalist, dyed-in-the-wool, deep-dyed, long-standing, staunch, steadfast, intransigent, inflexible, immovable, unchanging, uncompromising, unyielding, indomitable, adamant, rigid, entrenched, set in one's ways
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