Definition of unpretentiously in US English:



  • See unpretentious

    • ‘Meanwhile, the famous rooftop deck, with its awe-inspiring view of the Basilica dome and Loring Park, remains about living the good life, unpretentiously.’
    • ‘This land is not a marvel for its beauty, but for its endurance, for its ability to persist and support its residents; although littered and disheveled, it is unpretentiously alive.’
    • ‘Germany's Gomma gang have consistently been putting out some of the best, most interesting, unpretentiously fun and danceable music since their excellent Anti NY comp a few years back.’
    • ‘Judge Andrew Smith said: ‘Packed with news, logically and unpretentiously presented, this is a paper that is a pleasure to read.’’
    • ‘And whether people came here for comfort, memories or merely to witness what, with remarkable near-timing, proves quietly and unpretentiously to be one of the best line-ups all year, they've long since discovered that they've found it.’