Definition of unpretending in US English:



  • Not pretentious or false; genuine.

    ‘unpretending sympathy’
    • ‘Morris described it as ‘unobtrusive, quiet and retiring, without being shy, humble and homely in its deportment and habits, sober and unpretending in its dress.’’
    • ‘The Coles had been settled some years in Highbury, and were very good sort of people-friendly, liberal, and unpretending; but, on the other hand, they were of low origin, in trade, and only moderately genteel.’
    • ‘With heart and hand, Our country's cause defending, We'll meet the foe, With valor unpretending.’
    • ‘The ossified ‘bloom’ which ‘Nothing Poem’ offers as an icon of hope, defines the extraordinary spiritual demands exerted by Capildeo's book: ‘unkind and / unpretending, / at each point seeming limitless, grained and ablaze.’’
    • ‘She created a ‘cottage-home, plain and unpretending.’’
    • ‘He was an uneducated man, a plain unpretending plodding man,’ a neighbor remembered; one who ‘attended to his work, peaceable - quiet and good natured.’’