Definition of unpremeditatedly in US English:



  • See unpremeditated

    • ‘In fact, when Mrs. Palfrey's neighbors assume Ludovic is her grandson, she unpremeditatedly finds it not altogether unpleasant to ask him to step in and fill the role.’
    • ‘Dou Wei's talent in music is unreservedly and unpremeditatedly incarnated in his music esthetics.’
    • ‘When this day comes, will all the religions of the world suddenly unite to unpremeditatedly believe the same thing?’
    • ‘Adria pulled a mini chip-clip from her pocket and unpremeditatedly snapped it down on my shirt, miraculously managing to locate precisely my right nipple.’
    • ‘The score evolved unpremeditatedly out of the bluesy alto-saxophone melody at once sensuous and acrid, originally written separately as a piece of source music.’