Definition of unpracticality in US English:



  • See unpractical

    • ‘That reason explains the relatively poor acceptance met by heated garments of that type, since considerations of bulk and unpracticality would overwhelm the thermal advantages achieved thereby.’
    • ‘The feedback for SX1's keyboard was different, everyone was pointing out its unusual outlook and unpracticality for fast text input.’
    • ‘He did not assent and submit, as he had done at first, but began to rail at the unpracticality of women; and then he shut some papers he had been looking over into his desk, and flung out of the room.’
    • ‘At the same time such features of character can be displayed in him, like unpracticality, striving to avoid making of decisions, irresponsibility.’
    • ‘The mobilization order appeared in some twenty different languages - testimony to the tolerance but also to the unpracticality of the empire.’