Definition of unpolluted in English:



  • Not contaminated with noxious or poisonous substances.

    • ‘The sea is blissfully unpolluted, and so supports a fecund, burgeoning variety of life.’
    • ‘The clear, unpolluted waters of the west coast of Scotland were once renowned as one of the best sea trout fisheries in the world.’
    • ‘Watching the sun set over an ocean horizon on a clear evening will be a good start, as you will have an uninterrupted view through clear unpolluted air.’
    • ‘They are comparing sediment taken from the Humber estuary - unpolluted by radioactivity - with other samples which contain the substance.’
    • ‘Nearby lies a sweeping coastline of silver sands and unpolluted aquamarine blue seas fringed by green ‘machair’ lands covered in wild flowers of every hue.’
    • ‘Suntan lotion and lip salve are essential in the remarkably clear, unpolluted air.’
    • ‘Water voles, small rodents closely related to muskrats and lemmings and which live only along clear, unpolluted rivers and streams, have been decimated by non-native mink which originally escaped from fur farms.’
    • ‘That's because we get it from a source where it is unpolluted and sparkling.’
    • ‘The people of Mangaia are determined to keep their island clean and unpolluted - so much so that they've asked for 250 wheelie bins and a three tonne dump truck to keep rubbish under control.’
    • ‘However, even an unpolluted atmosphere may contain a variety of acidic and alkaline substances so that the pH of rainwater may be quite different from 5.6.’
    • ‘Take a look at those pristine, white, unpolluted sands with crystal clear water and waves gently rolling in.’
    • ‘I just smiled, took a deep breath of fresh unpolluted air, and slowly sipped on my ice cold green tea.’
    • ‘Where is the crystal clear, pure, unpolluted water that once characterized the river as well as most shallow wells in the area?’
    • ‘Tourists sip cappuccinos at street cafés. Everyone breathes in pure, unpolluted air.’
    • ‘A variety of outdoor pursuits are available, including walking and cycling on quiet by-roads, visiting castles and historic houses or surfing on Atlantic rollers off unpolluted beaches.’
    • ‘An ‘attractive absence of progress’, added to its more-or-less unpolluted environment, seem to be bringing the island an irresistible allure.’
    • ‘The crop draws nutrients from the water before it is returned to the rivers, still clean and unpolluted.’
    • ‘These were laid out in 1953 and have picnic seats alongside the stream which runs clear and unpolluted.’
    • ‘The atmosphere is so clear and unpolluted that the island's fishermen dry their cod catch on long poles in the open air.’
    • ‘Some days, like today, I wear shirts that Luc has worn as they smell of him - his sweat, his skin, but despite this, I'd love to be stripped of this essence as it would seem so clean, pure and unpolluted.’
    clean, clear, fresh, crisp, refreshing, sparkling, untainted, unadulterated, uncontaminated
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