Definition of unpolled in US English:



  • 1(of a voter) not having voted, or registered to vote, at an election.

    • ‘So the numbers of unpolled votes could be huge.’
    • ‘My guess is there are millions of unpolled Americans concerned with the downward moral spin of the United States, and who would perk up their ears at a strong third party.’
    • ‘Here are the dirty tricks: Sam Weller tells a tale of unpolled electors being stupefied with laudanum, waking only after the election was over.’
    • ‘I'm not insinuating that Obama would get all of those unpolled numbers but couldn't this expand the ‘margin of error’ margin, and account for the discrepancy between national polls and unprecedented fundraising?’
    1. 1.1 (of a vote) not cast at or registered for an election.
      • ‘In Hebbal village, in the same zilla panchayat constituency, several people stormed a polling station in the afternoon, snatched about 300 unpolled ballot papers and tore them to shreds.’
      • ‘The unsigned ballet papers must be returned to returning officer along with ballot box duly mentioning polled and unpolled votes.’
      • ‘So the numbers of unpolled votes could be huge.’
  • 2(of a person) not included in an opinion poll.

    • ‘Cereologists from abroad, dismayed at the psychological mess in Britain, came in with B, forward-moving perspectives, and an unpolled consensus was emerging: it was time to get back on course.’
    • ‘I was reminded of my unpolled status by the results of a survey into consumer interest in food and health.’
    • ‘‘But,’ counter the unpolled, ‘I asked some of my friends, and not one of them has been polled either.’’
    • ‘Lists a few cases during the campaign where there were moments of unpolled authenticity.’
    • ‘But analysts warned the large number of undecided voters, expected low voter turn out and the largely unpolled younger voters could sway elections in Likud's favor.’
    • ‘An as big or bigger undercounted group might be the youth vote and maybe combined with expatriates, these unpolled groups might affect the election favorably for Kerry.’
    • ‘They are all young single Kerryites and excited about being the uncounted, unpolled ‘surprise squadron’.’