Definition of unpolitic in US English:



  • rare term for impolitic
    • ‘But as Perlstein makes clear, fate was greatly aided by some of Goldwater's very unpolitic conduct and by the dummies who got control of his campaign in 1964 and chased off and frustrated all the smarties in his organization.’
    • ‘Probing questions are exactly what DoD needs, no matter how unpolitic they may be.’
    • ‘All too often, Keyes comes across as almost-disturbingly unpolitic.’
    • ‘The point is raised again later, apropos the unpolitic word ‘Demut’.’
    • ‘In the contemporary talk of Pakeha the idea of Maori as a national group is unpolitic and raises difficult questions about Maori sovereignty and the status of Pakeha.’