Definition of unpolished in US English:



  • 1Not having a polished surface.

    ‘his shoes were unpolished’
    • ‘Designers use marble with both polished and unpolished finishes.’
    • ‘The floor was of bare wood, unpolished, with a curious weather-stained look, almost as though it was the salt-encrusted deck of an ancient sailing ship.’
    • ‘The floor is laid with special imported stones and left uneven and unpolished.’
    • ‘Rich sources of magnesium include green leafy vegetables, unpolished grains, nuts and seeds.’
    • ‘While the Rabbit - or whatever it had been - in Traders Meet was rough, unpolished wood, all timber in this room was varnished and polished to a deep shine.’
    • ‘A few shops in the city buy unpolished pots and sell them for a hefty sum after colouring and decorating them.’
    • ‘Two unpolished stars surfaced through the lighted ones.’
    • ‘Note that polished surfaces present far less of a problem to the faker than unpolished surfaces.’
    • ‘Dreary pulses and gritty unpolished rice, and miserable no-fat yoghurt - is that a life?’
    • ‘On glass sheets balanced by tall and short stumps of unpolished granite lie beautifully crafted Viking-shaped candles.’
    • ‘He tied her reins about the iron ring embedded in the wood, and a moment later, he was standing on the unpolished wood floors, gazing about at the display of fine work.’
    • ‘In every crystal shop, both the polished and the unpolished minerals are usually available, but what is the difference when using them for healing?’
    • ‘Tantalum is a very hard, malleable, ductile metal with a silvery bluish color when unpolished, but a bright silvery color when polished.’
    • ‘His main beverage is a unique concoction of ingredients deemed healthy in Japan: raw egg, sesame seeds, unpolished rice, parched bean flour, green tea leaves, vinegar and yogurt.’
    • ‘Eventually, my hair just gave up - at roughly the texture of an unpolished granite block, it petrified in a horribly rust shade of red until I could grow it out sufficiently to start again.’
    • ‘Under the door, her hand wriggled past the grazing unpolished wood and I touched them, unable to take her bloody hand properly, even though I didn't want to touch those stumpy, ripped up nails.’
    • ‘John Paul's coffin was of unpolished, uncarved timber bearing a plain crucifix on top.’
    • ‘Some areas are left uncarved and unpolished, giving a dramatic sense of the raw material.’
    • ‘Some are luxurious, others are simple and unpolished.’
    • ‘We are more likely to choose a shiny apple we can see our reflection in than one with dull, unpolished skin.’
    unvarnished, unlacquered, unfinished, unprocessed, untreated, unworked, plain, raw, unrefined, natural, coarse, rough
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    1. 1.1 Unrefined in style or behavior.
      ‘his work is unpolished and sometimes incoherent’
      • ‘As a result, the songs come off as unpolished, lending them a simple yet emotional tone.’
      • ‘The punchy five-track EP, with songs like You and Me Geometry and Haircut, is an unpolished indie rock gem full of post-high-school relationship angst.’
      • ‘It's frustrating, and makes the game look unpolished.’
      • ‘This article is a little ragged and unpolished.’
      • ‘That said, this jagged, unpolished barrage of drums, Melvin Van Peebles samples and dime-bag craziness wouldn't be complete without the voices of reason: Quas and Madlib.’
      • ‘Insistent, often unpolished, and flecked with humour, Shary Boyle's drawings expose private vice and public embarrassment.’
      • ‘It's played out in cinema-verité, all rough cutting, long track shots and, in the end, a distinctively and deliberately unpolished style.’
      • ‘Front man Eric Budd's vocals are unpolished yet still manage to be smooth and palatable; and their lone saxophone is better than a full horn section - its sound will surely make your body writhe with its sexy blare.’
      • ‘It's a great string-soaked leap on from XO, his debut for the Dreamworks label, and a different kind of record from Elliott Smith, Roman Candle and Either / Or, his downbeat and unpolished earlier work.’
      • ‘In his fashion - homespun and unpolished - but he can talk.’
      • ‘These elements don't really gel and the whole thing too often reads like a sketch for a novel, full of interesting but unpolished ideas, rather than the finished article.’
      • ‘It was a little naïve and unpolished (the opposite of what Alice had thought it would be), but it was at the same time quite thrilling.’
      • ‘The film, banned in Iran itself, is raw, unpolished yet crafted, its script plain and unpretentious, lending its scenes a sense of reality with no impression of exaggeration.’
      • ‘Is it possible to find raw, unpolished non-commercial perspectives on youth that are fun and challenging to read, and worth returning to?’
      • ‘He shunned the fury of the senses and what Keats called ‘ruffian passion’, which Boucher perceived as not merely unpolished and irrational but also as supremely unaesthetic.’
      • ‘They grumble about long, windy, unpolished pieces that don't fit into Slashdot's paragraph-link weblog format, and a style that sometimes glosses over key distinctions.’
      • ‘Save for a very unpolished Polish accent, Elizabeth Wilson is a sturdy Zofia.’
      • ‘He's unpolished as a candidate and the poor man just couldn't get his shit together.’
      • ‘Tellingly, Namath, Allen, and Robertson all criticize the unpolished arrogance of the modern athlete, just as they were criticized before.’
      unsophisticated, unrefined, uncouth, uncultured, uncultivated, coarse, inelegant, crude, crass, raw, rough, rough and ready, awkward, clumsy, gauche, graceless, tactless, insensitive, vulgar, philistine, uneducated
      slipshod, rough, crude, untidy, uneven, incoherent, defective, deficient, scrappy, sketchy, bitty
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