Definition of unplugged in English:



  • 1trademark (of pop or rock music) performed or recorded with acoustic rather than electrically amplified instruments.

    • ‘All the bands bring forth a unique combination of intelligent music fused with the unplugged sound of the acoustic guitar as well as the often edgy riffs that are the underground rock band's signature sound.’
    • ‘Featuring loads of bands playing unplugged acoustic instruments.’
    • ‘The record's unplugged production emphasizes the two voices exchanging verses about the nuances of interpersonal relationships.’
    • ‘Blues band Nine Below Zero will be performing an unplugged acoustic set at Rheged, near Penrith, on Saturday at 7.30 pm.’
    • ‘Ono undoubtedly wanted to reveal the beneficial aspects of unplugged performance that Lennon would have most likely thrived within.’
  • 2(of an electrical device) disconnected.

    ‘an unplugged fridge’
    • ‘Perkovsky and Arnautova's is the smallest, and most touching in its aspirations to glossy magazine décor with taup walls and white gossamer drapes at the window, cream quilted throw on the bed and an unplugged television set crowning an empty bookshelf.’
    • ‘If it weren't for the little red lights, I'd have figured the rear speakers were unplugged.’
    • ‘Make sure the computer is unplugged and that you're electrically grounded (touch something metal) before you reach inside the case.’
    • ‘The lightbox installations by Simmi Dullay were unplugged, and there were also works advertised on the exhibition's flyers that were not on show.’
    • ‘The computer was unplugged!’
    • ‘Are machines with moving parts unplugged?’
    • ‘A power supply can store a lethal voltage even when it is unplugged.’
    • ‘Mr Murphy said London Fire Brigade advises people to make sure all televisions are unplugged at the socket when not in use.’
    • ‘As with all electrical equipment, make sure that the power cable is unplugged before you begin any work.’
    • ‘He can even call an unplugged phone.’
    1. 2.1 Without any electronic devices.
      ‘he wondered what it would be like to live a more unplugged life’
      ‘the kids freaked when I told them we were going unplugged for the next month’
      • ‘Yes, we went unplugged for a couple of weeks.’
      • ‘As TV zoomed into the electronic age, he stayed unplugged, logging 50,000 miles a year in his mobile home-office.’
      • ‘I'm back after 4 days unplugged in the Virginia countryside.’
      • ‘She fell in love with the farm and wanted to bring families out here for an unplugged day.’
      • ‘In the two months since I've been unplugged, I have been experiencing more and more moments of synchronicity - coincidental events that seem to be meaningfully related.’
      • ‘Many CFOs believe that an unplugged vacation is not an option.’
      • ‘With most of today's children surgically attached to their Gameboys and PlayStation consoles, it is refreshing to see families laughing and singing together throughout two hours of total, unplugged enjoyment.’
      • ‘The top ranking goes to Muskoka Cottage Country in Ontario, Canada, which is singled out as an "unplugged place" to escape from the demands of modern life while still within reach of cities such as Toronto.’
      • ‘Every moment a reader spends unplugged from the wired world and immersed in internal dialog with an author is experienced as commercial drain.’
      • ‘It's an amazingly odd feeling to go "unplugged" after years of having a computer attached to my hip.’
      • ‘When I travel, I go unplugged so that I can unwind.’