Definition of unpleasantry in US English:



  • 1unpleasantriesDisagreeable matters or comments.

    ‘the day-to-day unpleasantries of dealing with an alien administration’
    • ‘With its relentless army of moppets uniting in sister solidarity to rally against such unpleasantries as cold mush and no Santa Claus, the number is a flurry of imaginative, lively choreography.’
    • ‘Well, when Diaz came out, the pair allegedly exchanged unpleasantries and then chased each other through the restaurant - Augusto, brandishing a pocket knife; Diaz, a straw dispenser.’
    • ‘Whereupon, in the next breath, a melee erupted with Michael Hart raising his hands to Grant Brebner, with both booked, as handbags and unpleasantries were swapped.’
    • ‘The rest of the book more or less follows the same script: Liberals are caring and nurturing to a fault, while conservatives are the stern enforcers of necessary unpleasantries of life.’
    • ‘Fortunately for them I was on a fresh blackberry high and avoided any unpleasantries.’
    • ‘As a reminder of unpleasantries past, every Fort Meyers voter received a hanging chad, and as expected, here in Florida there were some who didn't think the election was fair.’
    • ‘I just want a fresh start and I want to rid myself of all the unpleasantries of my recent past.’
    • ‘A bowlegged, wild-eyed madman with a gun kept pacing around them, threatening all kinds of unpleasantries, and when Blair raised his eyes, he spotted James Ellison lurking on the upper level of the loft.’
    • ‘Well, we all know that apart from some unpleasantries in the Sydney market and at times nationally, especially between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm, Nine dominated TV in the 12 months.’
    • ‘Anyway, I came home to loving arms who were so happy to see me that it took all the unpleasantries from the days' events.’
    • ‘I reminded myself that bills, dish-washing, and leases were unpleasantries I could not avoid forever, and I also reminded myself that I really really love eating meat.’
    • ‘It ran its ‘When I Grow Up’ Super Bowl television commercial, poking fun at the unpleasantries of corporate culture.’
    • ‘‘Those gentlemen in the bush’, were not gentlemen at all, but a euphemism for the hardened and ruthless warriors that Sarge had exchanged unpleasantries with before we had met.’
    • ‘And everyone will speak French, which is a wonderful language, and will dispense with the unpleasantries of inaccurate translations occurring all over the world daily.’
    • ‘The non-smoker though should also be allowed the right not to contract cancer etc… from passive smoking, let alone have to deal with the unpleasantries.’
    • ‘Anything that's going to mess with the infrastructure now that it's so delicate and fragile could cause some unpleasantries.’
    • ‘It meant that Australians could find and play with other Australians without being subject to the lag and other unpleasantries that went hand-in-hand with Blizzard's official server.’
    • ‘While each had at least one interesting point to make, much of what was written had Filmbrain muttering unpleasantries under his breath, especially in reaction to their condescending view towards film bloggers.’
    • ‘Anyway enough of this tiresome banter; I didn't drop out of high school to waste my precious time to exchange clever unpleasantries with the likes of you.’
    • ‘And if we've become unthinkingly certain of these unpleasantries, we can be doubly certain that the combination of the two is unthinkably unpleasant, right?’
  • 2dated Quarreling or other disagreeable behavior.

    ‘a little unpleasantry with the authorities’
    • ‘I've considered enlisting though (they are currently in the midst of a massive recruitment drive), and claiming about ten years' salary for the ‘stress’ of the first bit of unpleasantry that I have to deal with.’
    • ‘After all that unpleasantry Saber had endured, how dare anyone presume to think they knew him backwards, frontwards, upside down and sideways?’