Definition of unpigmented in US English:



  • Having no pigmentation; uncolored.

    ‘unpigmented skin’
    • ‘During the first few months of infancy appear fine, short, unpigmented hairs called down hair, or vellus.’
    • ‘These products help to exfoliate the outer, pigmented layer of dead-skin cells, so fresh, unpigmented skin can shine through.’
    • ‘He's got that unpigmented white hair.’
    • ‘Tadpoles living in oxygen-poor habitats are sometimes bright red as a result of blood flow close to the surface of their unpigmented skin.’
    • ‘Otherwise, unpigmented, exposed concrete dominates the interior.’
    • ‘Sealing layers might consist of no more than an application of glue size or of an unpigmented layer of drying oil.’
    • ‘This means that the 20 to 70 large, unpigmented eggs laid by females develop directly into miniature froglets without passing through a larval stage.’
    • ‘In all of these cases the borders between pigmented and unpigmented were relatively sharp.’
    • ‘The alternative explanation is that the reported tumors were unpigmented because they arose after cessation of the drug.’
    • ‘The company's line includes precast countertops in 16 natural, unpigmented base tones and 11 pigmented colors, but numerous custom color combinations are available.’