Definition of unphysiological in US English:



  • Not in accordance with normal physiological conditions.

    • ‘These methods, however, lack resolution and demand unphysiological study conditions.’
    • ‘Simulations of MscL under surface tension have also utilized unphysiological tension values of 60 dyn/cm in vacuum and 50-500 dyn/cm in a hydrated membrane environment.’
    • ‘Whereas this specific reaction is unphysiological, similar contexts may occur when an intermediate in an activation cascade is diffusible.’
    • ‘These guidelines do not recommend oestrogen priming because it is really an unphysiological manoeuvre in the prepubertal child.’
    • ‘However, in all these analyses high, unphysiological concentrations of ABA up to 100 M had been applied.’
    • ‘The most parsimonious explanation for this unphysiological result is a calibration error and wandering baseline.’