Definition of unpeg in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Unfasten by the removal of pegs.

    • ‘This type of loom has two advantages over more sophisticated types: applying the warp is a simple matter of winding yarn back and forth from front to back; and the nomads can unpeg the loom, bundle it up and move it with their camp - regardless of what stage the weaving on it may have reached.’
    • ‘I'd unpeg some jeans, a couple of socks, pluck off some undies, then shuffle back inside.’
    • ‘Unpeg the arms from the "cockpit" area, fold the wings on top of the jet, fold down the jet nose (it's spring loaded) under the "cockpit" and unpeg the legs (they're pegged just like on the voyager version).’
    • ‘Unpeg each item and fold it carefully before putting it into your basket.’
    • ‘You speedily unpeg three pairs of boxers on one go and lift them off the line.’
    1. 1.1 Cease to maintain a fixed relationship between (a currency) and another currency.
      • ‘The fact that they unpegged the yuan is an indication that China is trying to kiss and make up with America after all of those big, scary bids on America's companies.’
      • ‘China today unpegged its currency from the yuan - from the dollar.’
      • ‘However, the exchange rate cannot be unpegged or adjusted because of Beijing's fears about Hong Kong's stability and the effect on the Chinese yuan.’
      • ‘Fons Tuinstra economy - They unpegged the thing’
      • ‘Chen also criticized the US for asking China to unpeg its currency from the greenback.’
      • ‘A month into the corralito, the government unpegged the Argentine peso from the dollar, sending the peso into a downward spiral.’
      • ‘Moscow's decision to go it alone on the international oil market, unpegging its production quotas, was a slap in the face for the Arab-dominated OPEC cartel and a welcome sign to an oil-hungry Western market.’
      • ‘The dollar is therefore likely to decline in relation to the euro, sterling and other unpegged currencies, no matter who occupies the White House.’
      • ‘In fact, when Canada unpegged its exchange rate with the United States in the early 1970s, the explicit policy reason for doing so was to allow the Canadian dollar to appreciate, and reduce pressure from rising U.S. inflation.’
      • ‘In July 1997, shortly after the Thai baht was unpegged from the US dollar, Indonesia saw its stock market drop by 50 per cent.’