Definition of unpeeled in US English:



  • Not peeled.

    ‘an unpeeled orange’
    • ‘Place each unpeeled banana on a small baking tray and roast in the oven for 15 minutes.’
    • ‘On a hot griddle, sear the edges (the white flesh) to get a sealed bar effect, then place in a roasting tray with the unpeeled garlic cloves scattered throughout the dish.’
    • ‘For nam prik pao (roasted nam prik) some of the ingredients, especially unpeeled garlic cloves and unpeeled small onions or shallots, are first heated in a heavy iron pan, without added fat.’
    • ‘Scrub the potatoes and boil, unpeeled, until just tender.’
    • ‘Boil the beets themselves, unpeeled, until tender (for an hour or more, depending on age and size), then cool and peel.’
    • ‘Place the whole, unpeeled bananas in the freezer for at least six hours.’
    • ‘Mason's low, slightly strangulated voice is perfect for suggesting the thin-lipped intensity of his newly unpeeled anger.’
    • ‘Gilli, a cordon bleu chef, suggests ‘roasting unpeeled cloves of porcelain garlic with potatoes and olive oil in the oven for 40 minutes at 180 C’.’
    • ‘I got an orange, an apple & a banana, unpeeled on a plate, as their rendition of ‘Fruits en Saison’, available any time from the fruit bowl in my room.’
    • ‘I placed an unpeeled onion in my microwave and waited and waited.’
    • ‘Well cooked, the skin is as edible as that of a baked potato, and the texture of the flesh seems firmer when cooked unpeeled.’
    • ‘According to the journal Nature, extracts from unpeeled apples, which are particularly high in antioxidants, had the greatest inhibiting effect on cancer cells.’
    • ‘I had to be careful and for part of the time avoided anything with uncooked egg, live yoghurt, meat that hadn't been cooked properly, unwashed salad and unpeeled fruit, for fear of food poisoning.’
    • ‘Cut the unpeeled potatoes into 1cm thick chip wedges, wash and dry well on kitchen paper.’
    • ‘For food, Atta would throw unpeeled potatoes into a pot and, when it boiled, mash them into a bowl.’
    • ‘2 large Vidalia onions, unpeeled, wrapped in foil, roasted for an hour’
    • ‘First slice the tops and bottoms off the potatoes, which should leave you with unpeeled cylinders around 2.5cm high.’
    • ‘Kindergarten carrots are usually tasteless but these unpeeled crunchy delights tasted like distilled essence of carrot and were wonderfully well suited to their Seville orange glaze.’
    • ‘Make the tsatsiki by grating the unpeeled cucumber (chop the ends off first and discard).’
    • ‘Both were excellent, although they did made me work for mine, with the prawns coming unpeeled on top of the filo pastry basket the dish was served in.’