Definition of unpatriotic in US English:



  • Not patriotic.

    • ‘At the same time, critics of his position are painted as disloyal, unpatriotic and anti-American.’
    • ‘I am about as unpatriotic a person as one could hope to find.’
    • ‘He implied that Oppenheimer was confused, complicated, unpatriotic and disloyal.’
    • ‘One of the Bush administration's achievements is to have fermented a climate in which any kind of criticism is instantly deemed unpatriotic.’
    • ‘A conscientious objector throughout history has often assumed the position of someone who is against his or her country, or unpatriotic.’
    • ‘And it is not unpatriotic and not disloyal to dissent with the views of the President, or anyone else for that matter.’
    • ‘They disdained Kerry's internationalism as effeminate, unpatriotic, a character flaw, and elitist.’
    • ‘Democrats facing re-election are scared of appearing unpatriotic, fearing for their one-seat Senate majority.’
    • ‘The other great boon, and in my book the main reason to consider a Scottish holiday above an unpatriotic flight to the humid south, is the quality of the light.’
    • ‘There are a few people who continue to say that what I do is unpatriotic and somehow treasonous.’
    • ‘Because maybe people would accuse them of being unpatriotic or anti-American or something…’
    • ‘People wonder why Terry Rockefeller has never seemed to be out for revenge, and when they hear her talk, they sometimes tell her she is unpatriotic.’
    • ‘My apologies to any non-British readers for excluding you but read the answers and realise how unpatriotic the Brits probably are.’
    • ‘Conversely, anything that limits that freedom is unpatriotic.’
    • ‘So Gerard thinks Murray is being unpatriotic declaring himself a Scot?’
    • ‘Planes fly into buildings in New York, then suddenly you are unpatriotic if you question other aspects of your government.’
    • ‘Abramovich's decision to opt for Chelsea over a Russian club has seen him branded unpatriotic by some within Russian football.’
    • ‘Time and time again we have been thanked for the service we provide and the moment we ask for fair pay we became criminals, unpatriotic and even child murderers.’
    • ‘When The Sorrow and the Pity was embroiled in its late - 1960s scandal, it too was denounced as unpatriotic.’
    • ‘Robertson said that the suggestion implied that athletes were being unpatriotic competing for Team GB.’
    disruptive, troublemaking, inflammatory, insurgent, insurrectionary, insurrectionist, agitational, rabble-rousing
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