Definition of unpaired in US English:



  • 1Not arranged in pairs.

    • ‘In hemichordates, the three adult coelomic cavities are derived from coelomic sacs that form around the gut of the larva (an unpaired protocoel and two pairs of sacs for the mesocoel and metacoel).’
    • ‘ClO 2 - I have a single unpaired valence electron if that's what you mean.’
    • ‘However, the determinants of unpaired DNA remained a mystery.’
    • ‘This diagonal smear represents uniform degradation of both strands, since the mobility of the unpaired strands remains constant after denaturation.’
    • ‘A nucleophile is any negative ion or neutral molecule whose electronic configuration consists of at least one unpaired electron pair.’
    • ‘The maximum length of the unpaired single-stranded DNA at a break is on the order of one helical turn of double-stranded DNA, i.e., 10 bases.’
    • ‘Mismatched and unpaired bases arise during replication by misincorporation of nucleotides and strand slippage, respectively.’
    • ‘Because of the odd number of marginals, a single narrow marginal remains unpaired.’
    • ‘Telomeres are near the nuclear envelope; the two 5S rDNA loci remain unpaired.’
    • ‘Ground state molecular oxygen can be activated by excess energy, reversing the spin of one of the unpaired electrons to form singlet oxygen.’
    mismatched, unmatched
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  • 2Not forming one of a pair.

    • ‘We examined philopatric behavior of previously paired and unpaired males to see whether specific sexual-selection pressures were related to the philopatric behavior of individuals.’
    • ‘Of the territory holders removed, three were paired and one was unpaired.’
    • ‘A female may be unpaired, paired, or reproducing.’
    • ‘Single males arrive first, with pairs and unpaired females following.’
    • ‘North wins the trick, since West's unpaired clubs cannot beat a pair.’
    • ‘Therefore the main object of the game is to make pairs, while keeping unpaired cards as low as possible.’
    • ‘Furthermore, behavioral observations revealed that paired males were aggressive toward other males only when unpaired males approached to court their mates.’
    • ‘That Ovenbirds are monogamous, not all males are paired, and unpaired females are rarely observed, suggests female survival is lower than male survival.’
    • ‘At the start of time step t, some males are paired and some are unpaired.’
    • ‘On all days while alive, unpaired males either paired randomly with unguarded females or sneaked.’
    • ‘At Sun Willows we have a pair raising young in one artificial burrow, unpaired resident males at two other burrows and signs of use at three other burrows.’
    • ‘As the sex ratio in the adult population of mallards tends to be biased toward males, some males remain unpaired during the breeding season.’