Definition of unpainted in US English:



  • Not painted.

    • ‘Behind her followed the geisha Chikafuku, her face unpainted, wearing an elegant, ankle-length kimono of subdued greys and browns.’
    • ‘The equivalent double beds are £445 unpainted, £730 painted.’
    • ‘But another idea would be to buy unpainted furniture, and paint it a lilac in a few shades darker than the walls, with black trim.’
    • ‘Usually the village was a line of unpainted wooden huts along each side of a main street that was unpaved and undrained.’
    • ‘It all started when Mr Heiko Niedermeier MD of Neo Paint noticed unpainted school buildings while on a business trip in the north.’
    • ‘If you used 10 sq. in. of paint, you would have 10 sq. in. of surface unpainted.’
    • ‘This is repeated all the way down the paper for the smoothest and most even paint application without leaving unpainted white sections.’
    • ‘In Graham's day the now cork floor was bare, unpainted floorboards and very cold in winter.’
    • ‘Above the wooden chest and upon the bare unpainted wall hung his shield, short sword, and spear.’
    • ‘The walls and ceilings have been left unpainted and bare.’
    • ‘The British adopt patterns that leave some skin unpainted, while the US armed forces prefer to paint the face completely in two-colour creams.’
    • ‘It was an old, unpainted, sand-scratched wooden home with small barred windows.’
    • ‘At this time he also began to leave wide borders around the paintings unpainted, a practice developed from his earlier style of keeping large areas of the canvas raw.’
    • ‘Every unpainted piece of metal was polished and smoothed, including the impractical brass funnels on admirals' pinnaces.’
    • ‘Some of these bridges, plain and unpainted, are like small houses which have woken from sleep, yawned themselves open at both ends, and stretched luxuriously like cats.’
    • ‘Other places were smaller and looked like they were made of unpainted wooden clapboard.’
    • ‘The unpainted wooden walls were still hung with small decorations - a crocheted dolls' hat, a carved piece of wood, a small tin charm.’
    • ‘Despite their differing purposes, these buildings share a single factor in common: the white concrete of their exteriors have all been left unpainted.’
    • ‘Remember its that dull looking door, that unpainted gateway or wall, that can detract from the house and the house can detract from the village.’
    • ‘She says unpainted railings and radiators he could bump into are just some of the health risks which could pose serious problems for her son.’
    bare, plain, unlacquered, unpolished, unfinished, untreated, raw, natural, matt
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