Definition of unordered in US English:



  • 1Not put in order; unarranged or disorderly.

    • ‘As the sloppiness compounded both benches grew increasingly exercised by the unordered mess in front of them, Jefferies and Bill Brown in particular creating thermals with their physical histrionics.’
    • ‘The level of population subdivision using unordered and ordered alleles was G ST, 0 • 34 and N ST, 0 • 46, respectively.’
    • ‘Anyway - potted history in the form of an unordered list.’
    • ‘In the liquid-unordered high temperature phase (fluid phase), hydrocarbon chain states are unordered and degenerate, and the crystalline order is lost.’
    • ‘This measures the degree to which items from a given category (event, story, or language) occur together (i.e., are clustered in recall, as compared to unordered or random ordering of lists of food words).’
    • ‘And now there are so many other announcements that it's time for an unordered list.’
    • ‘Before I was doing navigation and subnavigation using nested div elements, but now everything is a nicely organized, unordered list styled with CSS.’
    • ‘This analysis was run twice, once with all microstructural characters unordered, and a second time with the loss of laminar microstructures designated as irreversible.’
    • ‘All characters were treated as unordered because there was no consistent criterion on which to order them.’
    • ‘It accepts ordered and unordered lists without trying to enclose them in paragraph tags.’
    1. 1.1 Not ordered or asked for.
      • ‘By February 1999, the warehouse system still couldn't track inventory, causing Department 56 to ship unordered merchandise, to fill and ship the same orders multiple times or to fail to ship orders completely.’
      • ‘When he set down a brimming but unordered glass before me with coffee one night, I remonstrated… mildly.’
      • ‘The practice of dumping unordered cars on dealers is not thought illegal.’
      • ‘Don't return the unordered merchandise, either.’
      • ‘There aren't any definitive figures, but around three out of every four national papers are bought, unordered, from newsagents each morning.’
      • ‘According to the Federal Trade Commission's latest calculations, complaints about unordered merchandise and services skyrocketed 169% from 1998 to 2000.’