Definition of unofficial in US English:



  • 1Not officially authorized or confirmed.

    ‘unofficial reports that dozens of people were injured’
    • ‘The most exciting exhibition in Venice is an unsanctioned upstart: the unofficial Italian pavilion.’
    • ‘The reporters did not clarify whether the news was from official or unofficial sources.’
    • ‘The neighbours in unofficial whispers talk about his activities but officially they know nothing.’
    • ‘The Gun Plot is the most authoritative unofficial site about the RAN on the Internet.’
    • ‘Bernhard's lap was one of three that bettered both the official and unofficial track records.’
    • ‘I'm sure she's flouting loads of official and unofficial tube etiquette in one fell swoop here.’
    • ‘Forest harvesting, official and unofficial, can create major problems.’
    • ‘There is no mileage in keeping the site as some kind of unofficial commemoration of the riots and what they meant - it is time to move on.’
    • ‘None of the cities has an official tolerance zone, although Aberdeen has an unofficial red-light district.’
    • ‘So neither the official nor the unofficial cover story seem to hold much water.’
    • ‘Let's get this sorted: Shazia Mirza isn't an unofficial spokeswoman for Islam.’
    • ‘Yet there is the possibility of an engagement, whether official or unofficial for John Brown.’
    • ‘The unofficial website for Daylight Rule, has received more than 3300 visitors since it was launched.’
    • ‘Unpopular plans to build ten family homes on unofficial allotments beside a village conservation area have been blocked.’
    • ‘So count us in for next year's challenge and let's see if we can make our, slightly unofficial, record official.’
    • ‘How many were killed and wounded is unknown, for unofficial and official counts differed widely.’
    • ‘Amazingly it bears a striking resemblance to some of the unofficial tube rules I've reported in my time.’
    • ‘They do not reflect the official or unofficial policies of any government agency.’
    • ‘Only one of the 18 official languages in India and many more unofficial ones, I replied.’
    • ‘There were also unofficial reports of a further three scares, including one at a school in Fish Hoek.’
    unauthenticated, unconfirmed, uncorroborated, unsubstantiated, unratified
    informal, casual
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    1. 1.1British Denoting strike action not called or endorsed by the union to which the strikers belong.
      • ‘Lots of people are frightened because it's an unofficial strike and management can sack you.’
      • ‘As reported last month, the unofficial action involves firefighters across London refusing to act up as officers.’
      • ‘We've shown that through official and unofficial action earlier this year.’
      • ‘The threat of losing the union machine has curbed the best union leaders' confidence to support unofficial strikes.’
      • ‘Postal workers were on the brink of strike ballots or even unofficial walkouts as Socialist Worker went to press.’
      • ‘Last year the sacking of a union rep at the hospital sparked an unofficial walkout by porters.’
      • ‘OVER 2,000 Glasgow postal workers walked out on unofficial strike last week in a dispute over jobs.’
      • ‘The strikes were unofficial and might have been deemed illegal.’
      • ‘They followed unofficial strikes in Glasgow and Essex the week before.’
      • ‘There were unofficial strikes involving up to 250,000 workers, demonstrations and mass pickets.’
      • ‘Thousands of workers in the shipyards along the River Tyne took part in unofficial strike action in support of sacked workmates.’
      • ‘Mr Hayes said in a letter to his members that the Royal Mail had accepted that the CWU did not instigate unofficial action.’
      • ‘The trade unions in Ferenka even called off an unofficial strike in support of Dr. Herrema.’
      • ‘There was some discussion about the relationship between official and unofficial action.’
      • ‘We've just had the most awesome two-day unofficial strike, which totally shook management.’
      • ‘The post workers' victorious unofficial strike is a major breakthrough.’
      • ‘The Pentonville Five were freed after a huge wave of unofficial strikes.’
      • ‘They have also organised an unofficial strike against the increase in work intensity in the Kia Motor plant.’
      • ‘Trade and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt attacked the unofficial strikes.’
      • ‘A postal worker was cheered and applauded when he told the meeting how the unofficial strike in the post had driven bosses back.’