Definition of unoccupied in English:



  • 1(of ground) not occupied by inhabitants.

    • ‘With their much higher reproductive rates, herbivores probably occupied the far-flung unoccupied zones of the earth well in advance of predators and man.’
    • ‘We predicted the same differences in vegetation between occupied and unoccupied forests and between areas occupied by clustered and solitary males.’
    • ‘She looked quickly around, but the remote part of the palace grounds was still unoccupied.’
    • ‘For each species, the patches were assigned to one of the three following categories: occupied, unoccupied suitable, and unoccupied unsuitable.’
    • ‘The large magnitude of this peak is a result of displacing the electron-rich sulfur to a new position that is unoccupied in the ground state.’
    • ‘The people of Buntog have lived here since 1911 when the area was unoccupied virgin forest.’
    • ‘Wolseley's force entered Kumasi on 3 February, and finding it unoccupied burnt it to the ground and withdrew three days later.’
    • ‘The five critical habitat units include almost all of the currently occupied land and enough unoccupied historical habitat to support a self-sustaining population.’
    • ‘If seed addition results in recruitment at sites that are not occupied, a corollary is that larger regions may include unoccupied, but suitable, sites.’
    • ‘The present results suggest that many unoccupied boreal lakes are inferior Mallard habitats and that foodbased limitation of population density may occur during the brood stage.’
    • ‘Speaking of the good, every resource on the country I can find says the beaches are breathtaking and largely unoccupied.’
    1. 1.1 (of premises) having fixtures and furniture but no inhabitants or occupants.
      Compare with vacant
      • ‘In mitigation, Ms Kelly said that although the premises were unoccupied when the burglary took place the ‘high’ value of items taken was an aggravating factor.’
      • ‘You've earned credits in painting slogans, vandalizing SUVs, freeing animals from farms and laboratories and setting fires to unoccupied buildings.’
      • ‘The landlords have money and can afford to hold out for exorbitant rents from the next tenants, while the London Borough of Camden allow them to go rate-free because the premises are unoccupied.’
      • ‘I felt that many premises were unoccupied and had been for quite a while.’
      • ‘Having made sure the premises were unoccupied he removed a panel from the back door to gain entry.’
      • ‘The Guardian has uncovered evidence suggesting that these flats are either unoccupied, are business addresses or have long been inhabited by different people.’
      • ‘McDonald said all the premises were unoccupied at the time the burglars struck over the past week.’
      • ‘The building security system can notify the building HVAC or lighting system that a particular area in the facility is occupied or unoccupied.’
      • ‘Limerick city is set for a major multi million boost with the announcement of a new tax relief scheme for conversion of unoccupied premises to living quarters.’
      • ‘This is particularly true for the crimes of house breaking when the premises are unoccupied.’
      • ‘Apparently I'd been flying some people to a picnic, a gathering, but since we'd crashed they decided to have the party in an unoccupied house.’
      • ‘The lounge was equally unoccupied, and the furniture remained untouched.’
      • ‘If the premises are unoccupied, a copy of the warrant must be left in a prominent place.’
      • ‘As this article in today's San Diego Union-Tribune explains, the house sat unbought and unoccupied for 261 days.’
      • ‘A street dog and its family found shelter in the premises of an unoccupied house.’
      • ‘The smoke-damaged house was boarded up and unoccupied today, and the occupants were thought to be staying with relatives.’
      • ‘Halfway through my shower I heard the pair of them race down the stairs again after Drew hollered up that the bathroom on the ground floor was now unoccupied.’
      • ‘No one was harmed, since the building was unoccupied.’
      • ‘They systematically attempted to destroy 30 new, unoccupied homes in an environmentally controversial subdivision.’
      • ‘At approximately 5 a.m. Sunday, the fire alarm in the unoccupied room went off and the student living in the room next door notified the RA.’
      vacant, empty, uninhabited, untenanted, tenantless, vacated, unused
      uninhabited, unpopulated, unpeopled, unsettled, unfrequented
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  • 2Not engaged in work or a pursuit; idle.

    • ‘There's no force more destructive than a pack of unoccupied children.’
    • ‘And when I'm unoccupied, I can never think of anything to do, or the lists I have of things to do don't appeal.’
    • ‘So that's how bored and unoccupied I was when I happened to come across this artist while surfing (being unbelievably bored).’
    • ‘Large numbers of unoccupied children threatened the social fabric, and ‘churches began to acknowledge that they could not provide sufficient education to keep pace with their recognition of the need for it’.’
  • 3Not occupied by enemy troops.

    • ‘Their just cause is to be able to live freely in their own country, unoccupied by foreigners.’
    • ‘Any piece of the urban landscape is subject to enemy reoccupation if it is left unoccupied or is not cordoned off by friendly forces.’
    • ‘Arafat's campaign has done nothing but convince the IDF that an unoccupied West Bank is a grave threat to Israeli security.’
    • ‘Vichy governed the French colonies and the southern part of France unoccupied by German troops and claimed that it was neutral in the war.’
    • ‘The Stryker Brigade is especially vulnerable to long lines of communication, unoccupied battlespace, and bypassed enemy forces.’
    • ‘So we have those areas that are unoccupied being patrolled by anti-looting squads with assistance from the military.’